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Saturday, December 20, 2014


What the hell, Greenpeace? Seriously, what the hell? Who considered this a good idea?

"What do we want? Dead cops." A guy shot his girlfriend in Baltimore, then -- understanding that his days were numbered -- traveled up to New York and took out a couple of New York, killing himself soon after. He seems to have killed the police officers as a protest against the Michael Brown and Eric Garner outrages.

From the Moderate Voice blog:
Many protesters in past days were involved in shouting “What do we want?” The answer to same was: “Dead cops.”
Nobody will claim that a vengeance killing of this sort is morally justified. But before we enter into an argument over morality, let's talk physics. As in: "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." The grand questions of right and wrong, justifiable versus non-justifiable, good tactics vs. bad tactics -- all of these are questions we must debate. But first and foremost, we have to understand the physics involved here..

Sony hack alternatives. While most of the mainstream media has gone along with the FBI's assessment, some still question the "blame North Korea" theory. For example:
1. The broken English looks deliberately bad and doesn’t exhibit any of the classic comprehension mistakes you actually expect to see in “Konglish”. i.e it reads to me like an English speaker pretending to be bad at writing English.

2. The fact that the code was written on a PC with Korean locale & language actually makes it less likely to be North Korea. Not least because they don’t speak traditional “Korean” in North Korea, they speak their own dialect and traditional Korean is forbidden. This is one of the key things that has made communication with North Korean refugees difficult. I would find the presence of Chinese far more plausible.
It’s clear from the hard-coded paths and passwords in the malware that whoever wrote it had extensive knowledge of Sony’s internal architecture and access to key passwords.
The attackers only latched onto “The Interview” after the media did – the film was never mentioned by GOP right at the start of their campaign. It was only after a few people started speculating in the media that this and the communication from DPRK “might be linked” that suddenly it became linked.
Framing a nation that nobody likes is a great way of deflecting investigators.

Also see here:
So far, all that I have seen personally posted online and in the news that counts as “evidence” has been inferential and certainly not worth spit in a court of law, never mind even in a mock court taking place in a 5th grade classroom!
If you need a detailed chronology of events, try this. Here's an interesting point:
All analysis to date suggests the malware was not unique to Sony, and may have been used several times before. Trying to suggest that malware that evades “industry-standard antivirus software” is “unprecedented” is ridiculous. Antivirus software routinely fails to identify malware due to the archaic signature-based model they use.
I would like to offer a new suspect: Someone in the corporate security industry. I'm not saying that HBGary/ManTech did it...but: Do you remember when we found out that HBGary was using the free AVG antivirus on their own computers, even though they were selling their own anti-Malware protection to corporate clients for huge amounts of money? Some people suspected a scam. Some people -- not me, mind you, but some people -- suspected that HBGary simply repackaged a standard antivirus and sold it to corporate clients as something big, important, powerful and expensive.

Who benefits from the Sony hack? Well, one possible beneficiary would be the first company who approaches Sony and says these words: "Your previous approach to security was pathetic. We can protect you. We have proprietary methods that go far beyond standard measures. But it's gonna cost you..."
Nobody will claim that a vengeance killing of this sort is morally justified

Really? Because it seems to me that an awful lot of armchair revolutionaries have been calling for exactly that. For example, I can recall one who recently wrote:

Until the cops stop functioning as a hyper-mafia, they should be treated the same way the heroic Vietnamese treated French and American soldiers.


That sounds precisely like a call for just this sort of "vengeance killing" to me, Joseph. Is this not what you had in mind? If not, what were you thinking of when you said people should treat police "the same way the heroic Vietnamese treated French and American soldiers". My recollection of that "treatment" was that it was pretty violent indeed - is this not what your had in mind when you wrote those words?
Cop shootings? "God is dead and the war's begun".

Hack attack?
Probably further up the food chain, like the Rand Corp. that convinced Sony to have a very violent death for NK VIP.
Smacks of another color revolution. I quote a great article from here:
On November 26, you wrote:

"...Jurors and other citizens should do everything possible to make the lives of cops miserable. A cop's kid should be spat on every single day he goes to school. Cops should wake up to see paint buckets emptied on their cars...

...Do not waste your time with protest. Rebel. First, history tells us that the most effective forms of rebellion are planned events, done in cold blood."

You got what you wanted, Joe. All you need now is for someone to spit on the families at the funerals.
I hope you libs and your anti police frenzy are happy. You people are absolutely sick for both hating police (based on ignorance and lies) and stirring this up.
Am wrong or the cop killer killed his girl friend first before the cops. So his act in my opinion has nothing to do with any protest. Just a killer in spree and tried to give a name. Beside the killing of brown and garner shouldn't just go without consequences. I have no idea what that maybe but still calling for justice is never wrong.
You are wrong.

The ex-girlfriend was shot, but she is still alive. It was her mother who told Baltimore police about the "pigs in a blanket/pigs with wings/they take one of ours, we take two of theirs" Instagram posts.

The killer told the world his motive before he committed his planned, cold-blooded act of rebellion. He told us that his act is directly connected to the protests.

Calling for justice may never be wrong, but random, senseless "revenge" killings are, as is murderous domestic violence. The entitlement of the miscreant scumbag Ismaaiyl Brinsley knew no bounds.

You are, however, entitled to your "opinion", misinformed as it may be.

While Cannon tries to find a bottle of mouthwash strong enough to remove the taste of his own toe jam from his mouth, I would like to make an observation.

If the cops were murdered as a revolutionary act, it was a foolish and ineffective tactic.

The people of the law enforcement agencies and the armed forces are not the Enemy.

They are slaves of the Enemy.

Warrior-slaves (janissaries), but still slaves.

The Enemy can always get more slaves where those came from.

The Enemy is the 1%, or to use the fine old term, the Malefactors Of Great Wealth.

I do not recommend revolution. Leaving ethical issues aside for now, I simply do not know of any "successful" revolution which did not merely replace the old oligarchy of glorified criminals with a new oligarchy of glorified criminals (See every Communist revolution ever for details).

Why unleash all that suffering and premature death for nothing?

"Meet the new boss/Same as the old boss"--the Who, "Won't Get Fooled Again"
The cops gratuitously stomp on pet parakeets and pummel children. Shoot kids dead. Blast babies. All because they are in such "fear" for their lives. There's been another cop shot in Florida now. And they think their lives are worth so much more than kids' lives?

I see it as "we'll give you something to be afraid of."
A revenge killing is by definition not "random and senseless."
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