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Monday, November 17, 2014

"Run over only one Arab, that’s all..."

An Israeli train driver named Benny Levy posted a noteworthy message to Facebook the other day...
Forward, don’t break!!!! In light of the difficult situation of the Jewish Nation we’ve got to wake up! Everyone takes one little action into his own hands, run over only one Arab, that’s all, and God Willing together we’ll manage to make a difference! Each person will invest one small effort for us all!
That was the message in full, just in case someone out there is itching to say that I quoted Benny out of context. In other transportation news,
A Palestinian bus driver was found hanged in his vehicle on Monday, an incident that led to stone-throwing protests by Palestinians suspecting foul play but which Israeli police, citing autopsy results, termed a suicide.
Of course it was. For a fuller, truer account, see the video above...

I'm sure the trolls will call me an anti-Semite for publishing a post that acknowledges a reality that the American media doesn't like to talk about. To paraphrase Colbert, reality has a well-known anti-Israel bias.
Give it a rest, Joseph, please. Get real....that crap is no different from runaday hate jocks on American radio....this essential is your own hate-jockeying, in a way. Not to mention, the Islamic "hate jocks" recently put out a call for Muslims to kill "infidels" any way they could, even by "running them over." Is the a response to that? Who knows or cares, even tho the Islamists immediately responded by running over people in Canada, around the same time as the shooting there. It's just so run of the mill I don't know which is sadder....the bloodshed or the criminal dullness of the bloody global pissing contest. If we were really going to "talk" about it: time for ALL "jocks" ---those with penises of any color, creed or nationality to grow the fuck out of whatever primal urge makes them create all these death cults. Jewish and Muslim alike are from the same tired Abraham cult and it gets nuttier the further away you get from the stupid original solo "father" god. Christians made a cult out of a Jew who specifically instructed his Jewish followers not to "feed the dogs" (meaning anyone NOT of the Chosen People) and they went right ahead and made an idol out of him despite his explicit instructions not to. And look how far the nutball Mormons have come in gaining power and, incredibly, even straightfaced acknowledgment.'re gonna take a position in this global pissing contest? Instead of pointing the enlightened way out from all the godbag shit?
Rather than just trust electronic intifada, I tried to the post that you referenced. I couldn't find it. Perhaps you could link to the post so that I could determine its meaning. As to the suicide, there don't appear to be any bruises consistent with a kidnapping or any kind of struggle. However, I think it best to wait to make any conclusions until all the facts are in.
Abraham obeyed until the last minute the voices in his head that told him to kill his son, and three religions celebrate him for it. What a crock!
Are you referencing the "run down an infidel with your car ?"

Sorry, come on. It was in stories about the Canadian shooting.

Ordinarily I'd do the heavy lifting, even for someone like you who knows better.

Not happening now for personal reasons.
According to electronic intifada, the facebook page has been deactivated. There is no screenshot, no cached version, nothing I can find to authenticate his version. In the meantime, this morning there was an actual atrocity, the murder of four rabbis who were in a synagogue, praying. The murderers have naturally been praised by Fatah and their supporters are busy handing out candy and sweets to celebrate the occasion.
Yeah, Joseph! Don't you know religion is corrupt, so pointing out Israel's fascism and racism is pointless?
And meanwhile, we should wait until all the facts are in on that hanging, not that all the facts could be completely damning and nothing will be done about the murder. Meanwhile, Palestinians everywhere are planning to bake a Jewish infant in celebration.
I try to be sarcastic, but it's hard to keep up with the cynicism of Israel's trolls.
Don't you dare give this a rest Joseph. Your reporting of this is a breath of fresh air in almost total Zionisitc favored vacuum of our news coverage. Kudos.
Anonymous: I do NOT think that religion is inherently corrupt. But I do think there is something inherently corrupting about nationalism, and especially about that strange area where nationalism and religion intersect.

I'm not just talking about Israel here. There is also the case (mentioned a couple of posts down) of the Islamists who have decided that "The Islamic State" is their true home, even though they have spent their lives in Europe or elsewhere. And they go to their "home" to kill people whose families have lived there for centuries.

America's period of "Manifest Destiny" belongs in this same category.

As Syrian Girl once said, some people think that God is a real estate agent.
Apropos - the synagogue where today's attack took place is in the Har Nof ultra-religious area...on the site of the village of Deir Yassin.

For those who don't know already, Deir Yassin was where the Zionists killed a large number of women, children and elderly men in the 1948 terrorist massacre which led to the flight of around 750,000 Palestinians from their homes, the Naqba.

How many mainstream western media organs are going to mention that
b, of COURSE it won't be mentioned. Israel is immune from any critical reporting in US mainstream media. Any HINT of criticism is always met with howls of "anti-semitism" and outrage. Killing Palestinians is Israels "right" after all (but not the reverse, that is "terrorism").
They get away with murder and more...
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