Thursday, September 04, 2014

Why would anyone smear ISIS?

Make no mistake: ISIS is evil. Really, really evil. So why would anyone launch a smear campaign against ISIS? Why bother inventing false charges against the group? Wouldn't it be easier simply to tell the truth? Isn't the truth bad enough?

You would think so. Yet in recent days, our media has been relaying over-the-top fibs against the world's most notorious jihadist group. There have been stories that ISIS has practiced female genital mutilation. Stories that ISIS has enforced the selling of female slaves. Stories of females forced into group marriages. There's even a claim that ISIS has decreed that the udders of cows be hidden from view because they are "indecent."

None of these charges appear to be true.

Yet ISIS really has committed many monstrous acts. Since the reality is sufficiently horrible, why bother to concoct false charges?

I'm reminded of the atrocity charges -- some of which were quite absurd -- leveled at the German army during World War I. These propaganda yarns were utterly needless, since the Germans had committed plenty of truly ghastly crimes.
It's called flooding the zone. Something, somewhere, sticks with everyone. Maybe there's a few people, like yourself, among the 2% new junkies, that notice the drowned out reality. The other 98% just get wet enough to go along with the plan. Any links that follow the money/oil on this event?
Not enough support among women for a new war?
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