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Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Khorasan deception

The National Review has noticed that "Khorasan" is simply a renamed version of the Nusra Front, one of the three main rebel factions in the war against Bashar Assad. I made the same point -- citing actual evidence -- in the preceding post.

In a diatribe that devolves into an incomprehensible right-wing fantasia, National Review claims that the administration's "fun with nomenclature" games have something to do with Obama's desire to disguise 'Islamic supremacist ideology."
The global terror network must be atomized into discrete, disconnected cells moved to violence by parochial political or territorial disputes, with no overarching unity or hegemonic ambition. That way, they can be limned as a manageable law-enforcement problem fit for the courts to address, not a national-security challenge requiring the armed forces.
That old canard again. The National Review staff must be 'shrooming. They are hallucinating that Nusra was hit by a court summons, not by bombs.

Once again, right-wing writers pretend to address the truth while skirting the real issues. Why did the administration indulge in this whole "Khorasan" charade? To me, the answer is obvious -- use of that name helps to smear Iran. (Khorasan is a province in Iran.) The administration wants everyone to forget that Nusra -- like ISIS, and like the original Al Qaeda -- has received a lot of funding from Saudi Arabia, Iran's enemy.

National Review and the Obama administration have one thing in common: They don't like to mention the Saudi link. Oddly, the Islamophobe right tends to keep its mouth off the Saudis.

The right's position seems to be that we should make no attempt to keep track of the various jihadist factions, and no attempt to distinguish between the religious extremists and their Muslim victims. American rightwingers prefer to reduce our problems to the simplistic formula of the religious bigot: All Muslims are evil. All Muslims must convert or die.

Anyone who thinks this way is a dangerous fundamentalist fanatic, similar in all essentials to the dangerous fundamentalist fanatics in Nusra and ISIS.
Obviously the people pushing the latest 'bombs away' mentality needed to add a new threat to the mix. The whole Khorasan fear-mongering--they're going to kills us in our beds--fell out of the sky shortly after POTUS gave a nod to the latest neocon/interventionist dreamsters.

What I haven't heard through our fearless media is a short article I read the other day [can't recall the source]: the Taliban have come out of their hidey-holes in Pakistan, wreaking havoc in northern Afghanistan. They've taken up beheadings, too. Another huge success story!

Btw, kudos to Bailey's summation of the insanity that's going on. Wish it was all some lame joke. Sadly, it's not. This is how Empires fall to their knees before completely buckling, face down in the sand. I'm wondering if this isn't somehow connected to the fracking bubble that's getting ready to explode. Despite all the flag-waving and fear-mongering, our wars in the ME seem tangled with dwindling energy resources and corporate demands. Putin's threat to nationalize American assets in Russia sent the stock market into an immediate free fall last week. Our elites are getting nervous. Bang the war drum.

We're on a nonstop disaster course.

from james,
so much of western culture is about packaging... so they change the name on the package, but it is the same 'terrorists' either way.. the western gov't leaders are lying and using democracy as a cover.. the banking cartel seems to be dictating much of the direction of our planet at present.. regime change in syria and then onto russia is the name of the game at present.. finding some useful politicians to lie into the media monopoly is as easy as pie here..
14 years... And still wasting our money on wars fighting enemies being pumped out by our allied countries. Where are the terrorists the USA is fighting coming from? Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, UAE, Turkey, Qatar, Kuwait, UK, France and Germany. ALL OF THEM ALLIES. That is where MOST of the terrorists the west is fighting are all coming from. Oh, you thought they would be mostly coming from Russia, Iran and Syria because it would make more sense for the West's terrorist enemies to be hiding in places that were antagonists to the west right? No. The terrorists we are fighting are allies when we need fhem fighting on our side and enemies when we need a way to get the west tricked into a new war. That is the GAME.

If the USA wanted to start to end its nightmare in Iraq tomorrow, it would send 10 B2's and fly them in circles over Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE and Fox News HQ and 90 % of the terrorism problem dragging the USA and the west down would dry up overnight. Gulf War, 9/11, the Iraq War, Al-Qaeda, ISIS and all of the rest of the garbage the west is killing itself fighting was spawned out of these fascist Monarchical run Arab nations with support from Western fascists involved with keeping the West at war so they can profit from it and destabilize secular and liberal democracy at home ...While converting secular democracies abroad into failed states to the benefit of Arab monarchies and Israel.

14 years and the media is still pretending to not understand why we are still stuck in Iraq blowing tax payers dollars away with absolutely ZERO to show for it.

14 years tilting at puppets. Look at the strings on the puppet. Then look up. That is the source of what ails thee.
The uber Neo-Fascist Capitalist End Game which we are stuck in looks like this:

1. destabilize secular governments around world and install fascist theocracies and monarchies in their place
2. Flood your own country with the poor people from these countries you have destroyed to make your own people want to kill more of them
3. Make your own people stressed out and tired, lacking financial security and divided politically
4. Make them all cry uncle and then milk them all like a bunch of cows

All around the world it looks like governments are being taken over by Nazis doesn't it? DARPA is spending your money building Terminator robots and drones to fight terrorists right? You damn well know why all of this technology is being created. To keep you compliant to the ass rape you have been under going since Republican idiots In 2001 thought it would be awesome to hand over all power and authority to the Empire Beast which writers have been warning about being wary of rebuilding since the time of Ancient Rome and which has now SET ITSELF UP AGAIN AND APPARENTLY WE ARE POWERLESS TO NOW REMOVE IT.


The program of destabilization and wars and diseases all looks like some type of coordinated endgame nightmare doesn't it, to knock civilization back into a feudal state. Can't be intentional can it? YES IT IS INTENTIONAL.

April 19th article on the Boston Bomber Bros "connections" to youtube Khorasan video. This premonitory video of the current Khorasan-Shit-Your-Pants-and-Be-Afraid hype comes courtesy of Bill Kristol's Weekly Standard. No surprise there. Nothing like a good ol' homegrown jihadi bombing to get American heiferdom shitting their pants and pissing their beds for another war.
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