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Monday, April 07, 2014

More on Sy Hersh's Beghazi/Syria bombshell

Our preceding post discussed this amazing new piece by Seymour Hersh on the sarin attacks in Syria. Hersh has also uncovered what may be the real secret of the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi: The consulate provided cover for a rat line which moved arms out of Libya and into Syria, where they went to the rebels.
'The consulate’s only mission was to provide cover for the moving of arms,’ the former intelligence official, who has read the annex, said. ‘It had no real political role.’
Visiting the book store today, I spent a few hours with a book called Under Fire: The Untold Story of the Attack in Benghazi, by Burton and Katz. There are exactly two references to Syria in this work -- neither of them substantive.

I also went through the Benghazi section in HRC, the new book about Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State. No mention of Syria in connection with the consulate.

So what should we conclude from this? Here (near as I can tell) are the possibilities...

1. Hersh got the story wrong. (I don't think so -- not in this case.)

2. Everyone else missed a should-be-obvious story.

3. Other writers are covering up the facts.

How do you vote?

The media's inattention to Hersh's story amounts to a cover-up. I Googled it just now: Hersh has been deemed worthy of attention by the likes of Democracy Now, the LaRouchies, Global Research, and...well, not too many others. As far as mainstream news writers are concerned, Hersh is now considered some toiler on the freaky fringe.

Bet ya anything our mainstream writers will continue to assign Assad responsibility for the sarin attack. And the neocons will continue to score Obama over that "red line" business...
No mainstream media is covering the story? Since when are Hürriyet Daily News and Today's Zaman not mainstream? Very strange to see the only White House denials in the Turkish press.

The Times of London published an article about weapons shipped to Turkey and then to Syria from Benghazi. Here it is, in image format:

First part
Second part
Third part

It does not exactly support the secret rat line story because they are so open about what they are doing, unless what they are doing is a cover for a larger operation involving certain governments.
We know for a fact that Ambassador Chris Stevens was meeting with a Turkish Diplomat, and walked him out to his car around 8:30.

We also know now that there were about 30 CIA people there.

It's not hard to connect the dots. Thanks for following this.
I vote that the US government has been supporting the Liver Eaters from the get-go with arms, money, supplies, and probably training, funneled from Libya as well as other sources and transported through Turkey. And that means that the US is responsible for the systematic annihilation of the Christian, Alawite, and Druze communities in Syria, as well as the destruction of some Christian churches which pre-date the inception of Islam itself.
There is a story today at RT about the US now supplying anti-tank weapons to the "Syrian rebels" so the slaughter can continue to its final solution. Of course the Benghazi story was always about genocide, not some ridiculous film no one had ever heard of. The sources of "journalism" who refuse to touch the story are themselves complicit in genocide. My $.02.
As you may recall, during the Benghazi Senate hearings, Rand Paul questioned Hillary about transfer of weapons from Libya to Syria through Turkey. It's on YouTube. Hillary says, "Turkey?!" implying Rand was an ignorant jackass. He is, but that's beside the point. Hillary concluded she doesn't know and would look into it. So how did Paul know, Hillary didn't know and we'er just now finding out about it from Sy Hersh?  Paul let the cat out of the bag February, 2013. Isn't this old news? World Net Daily and Gateway Pundit reported on it, but other than that, Paul's Turkey wasn't served up in the media.   

In December 2013, Hersh wrote Syrian rebels, not Assad, were responsible for the sarin attacks.  The New Yorker refused to publish his report, it got buried in the London Book Review. We were on the brink of WWIII. This was big story no one wanted to talk about. I suspect Hersh's latest story of weapons from Turkey to Syria, is going to grow some legs on Rand Paul's campaign..."See? I told you so! BENGHAZI!"   
Operation Mockingbird remains in effect, so don't expect the MSM to chime in with anything that might impede the agenda of the ruling class.
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