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Monday, March 17, 2014

Well, it's official...

Hillary Clinton has her own PAC.
We write to introduce you to HillaryPAC, a Super PAC with two goals: to get Hillary Clinton to run for and become President of the United States in 2016; and to bring moderation to Congress.

We believe Hillary’s unparalleled experience as a fearless First Lady, respected Senator and tireless Secretary of State make her far and away the best candidate to become President of the United States in 2016. Her policies and vision for this country will lead us to growth and prosperity.
And so on. I believe I am the first to embed the HillaryPAC video...

DailyPUMA Approves
Hillary's moment in history was in October of 2001 when the speech of her life would have been to say "I am the Senator from Ground Zero and no one is more concerned about terrorism than I am, but I hate to see us stampeded like a herd of frightened cattle into voting in this USA PATRIOT Act before we've even had a chance to read it."

But she didn't make that speech and I will never forgive her for it.
Yessss. It's obvious there are only two families in this country capable of producing presidents, so I think it makes perfect sense to continue "electing" members of those two families. How long until we can install Chelsea Clinton in the White House?
Not to be too nit-picky, but this could not be "Hillary's PAC" and still qualify as an independent PAC.

It may be "for" Hillary, but its existence is not definitive proof of her candidacy, which will only be official when she files papers for her own campaign fund.
And I'd bet the house, Anonymous, if you're a person and not a troll, that you not only voted for Kerry, but never said one. single. peep. about his doing the same.

Hillary may have been Senator from Ground Zero, but the pigs booed her at a GZ memorial they supposedly cared so much about. Once one's eyes are opened to how women are treated, no matter what their public's not just in the military, and in Hollywood, but also in journalism, and in politics...then little toxic memes like yours appear in context.

So it doesn't matter if you're a troll trying to poison the well, or some non-thinker infected by this same, lame much repeated meme that was never wielded against Kerry, by targeting Hillary without saying whether or not you held Kerry to that same standard in 2004, the hypocrisy and sexism in that statement is exposed. It's too late to claim anything more now, because if you really felt that strongly, you'd have remembered it and said, "just as I never forgave Kerry and wouldn't vote for him in 2004."

See how misogyny works? One day maybe people will catch up.

Joseph, thanks for posting this. I've been noticing signs that Hillary will be the corporate choice.

Great a remake, hillabilly vs jeb the lesser bush in a battle of the lesser of 2 evils. I'll be voting Green myself.

Anon at 10:41pm So true.
I am torn on Hillary. She certainly swallowed the Security State Flounder whole.

OTOH; In the early 90's we had two businesses in BR.
The Trustee was an overt asshole, and there were several court errors for which he blamed us.

Sent a snail-mail to her and within two weeks the Trustee called. When we met, he did a reverse on us stating he had a clerk who was burying paper. He was most accommodating and discharged our debts. But he tipped his hand when he asked us;

"Who do you know?"


Endorsed by Mad In The Middle, not that that is a big deal.
Totally agree with the Anon 10:41 PM

Then of course, you also have her Secretary of State record to ponder.

No, she is toxic, without even bringing her husband into it. No doubt it will be her against Jeb, which would at least make the dark comedy that are our presidential elections in this country more obvious to all.

Zee, not sure why someone would need to mention Kerry in a post that is completely about Hillary. Personally, I didn't vote for him precisely for the reason you state that he was just as bad as Hillary.
You go, Prowlerzee!

I look forward to Hillary Clinton declaring and then stating her own vision for the country, defining herself by answering the questions she'll be required to answer and allowing us to see and judge the most qualified candidate to come along in decades.

Will she be perfect? No. Will she need to woo the money? Yes. In the same way every man--left, right and center--has had to do to gain a foothold, a nomination and/or a win to the WH.

And she can win. That's why the dirt is flying already and why the fund raisers are gearing up. She can win big. And everyone knows it.

What prowlerzee said.
The blaming of Hillary Clinton for policies and agendas she did not author or initiate shows a bit of concern trollism to me.

Concern Troll, the liking of Hillary Clinton, But....
blah, blah, blah.

Hillary Clinton would have been lambasted by the media if she had tried to make 911 about her position on 911.

And Mad in the Middle, your vote matters more than most.
Her foreign policy credentials are the pits.
Just to be clear, I have no issue with a female presidential candidate (I'd vote for Jill Stein), and it bothers me that a lot of this country probably does. I'm not denying this aspect. But if you think that Hillary is not "in on the joke", so to speak, you are fooling yourselves. If she becomes President, she will be another Obama, Bush, what have you. Mark my words. The problem now is that anyone who is actually able to win the nomination, is pretty much compromised by default. If I am wrong, I will be more than happy. Her record as senator and secretary of state makes me inclined to think I'm right. We shall see.
In 2009 Honduras was subjected to a military coup followed by a campaign of violence against supporters of the overturned government. Union activists and journalists were gunned down in the street by government death squads. Neither the UN, nor most other South American governments, bothered to attend the rigged elections held in Nov 2009 but it was enough apparently to satisfy US sensibilities. Obama and Hillary Clinton then decided that this corrupt, murderous junta should be welcomed back into the international fold. At the same time -- and with no apparent sense of irony -- the US state department released a harshly worded statement chastising the Venezuelan government's "continuing assault on the freedom of the press," while announcing the resumption of military aid to the government of Honduras.
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