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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ukraine's "Night of Long Knives"

Dojo Rat, a friend to this humble blog, has done some important research into the infighting that has marked the new fascist regime in Ukraine. Remember: Even though these guys have a rather unsavory background, they are backed by us.
Ukrainian special forces have gunned down ultranationalist Olexander Muzychko, member of Right Sector an active participant in earlier opposition riots in Kiev, who assaulted staff at a state prosecutor’s office in Rovno last month.

Muzychko, also known as Sashko Bilyi, has also been sought by Russia on suspicion of torturing and murdering at least 20 Russian servicemen in Chechnya in the early 2000s.
Looks as though the Ukrainians are now quite embarrassed by the bad press their newly-empowered right-wing thugs have received. Despite all the anti-Russian propaganda pummeling us every time we fire up the internet (or walk into a drug store, as documented in the post below), people around the world understand that the Ukrainian far right represents something worse than Putin.

Solution: A purge. It's a little like Fox News firing Glenn Beck -- except this scenario is being played out at gunpoint.

Although Hitler's original Night of Long Knives was frighteningly rapid (you might say that Roehm was un-built in a day), a purge of this sort usually takes time. In this case, it's quite unclear as to which side will win.
Ukraine is at the initial stage of standoff between «formal» structures and the formations of self-confident stormtroopers. Perhaps Yarosh will succeed in staging a coup, something Röhm failed to do. In its turn, the junta will take advantage of contradictions within the Nazi ranks to cement its positions and bring a new «Führer» to power.
Now we have the newly installed fascist government in Ukraine going to war with it’s own Stormtroopers. If the author is correct, Nationalist Yulia Timoshenko is ready to step in as the new “Fuhrer”.
Yulia Timoshenko is the anti-Russian (and, although I probably shouldn't say this, rather attractive) former Prime Minister of Ukraine who lost to Viktor Yanukovych in 2010. She was soon thereafter convicted of embezzlement. Now that Yanukovich has been tossed out by a coup, Timoshenko is free and plans to run for her old job.

I don't think that it is fair to predict that she will function as any kind of "fuhrer." But if the corruption charges had a basis in reality (a reasonable bet), I'm sure that the west will have nothing but good to say about her.

She has announced plans to retake Crimea, an idea that won't go over very well with the vast majority of Crimeans, who voted to restore their historical status as part of Russia.

(A lot of this has to do with language. Most Crimeans speak Russian; Ukrainian nationalists want them to speak Ukrainian. Yes, I've drastically over-simplified the situation, but that's the gist of it.)

Any move on Crimea might result in a massive war -- perhaps even genocide. Timoshenko is fine with that.
According to the Moscow Times, the recording, apparently made March 8, details a conversation between Tymoshenko and Nestor Shufrych from Ukraine's National Security Council, and has Tymoshenko suggesting that Ukrainians should kill Russians, and, in particular, Russian President Vladimir Putin. The recording, which may have been altered, also apparently features Tymoshenko suggesting that the 8 million Russians living in Ukraine should be killed with "nuclear weapons."
She first denied that the recording was real, and then sent out a tweet more or less admitting that it was real.
The successive recent governments of Ukraine seem more comparable to mafia families than what I think of as government. But then, maybe here in the west the crimes are just less overt.

from "Postcards From The Ukraine";

"I was told during the writing of this essay about breaking news. So far, they have arrested close to 1000 separatists, and in the replacing of the local authorities some were former governors. Some governors escaped. This is an ongoing process to purge and replace the entire Ukraine with only appointed lackeys of the neo-nazi nationalists.

Today the leader of Svoboda Tyagnibok told that they need to start lustration among all who work. Checking if they support Russia and repress them - firing and other.

As we chatted, she explained, as a teacher she could be lustrated. Essentially, in order to work there anywhere, you have to pass a political-purity test! You can even lie and swear allegiance to the party, but they will background check you, and see if you have written or spoken against them in the past. You would be fired at least, arrested at worst. This is going to begin with a MASS LUSTRATION starting in 2 weeks.

For the most part, she feels there are far, far too many of them in the Donetsk area for that to happen, but worries about friends back west. She thinks they would not provoke Russia by mass-ejecting so many from the workforce at once in the East. But cannot be sure of that, either."

"It means that we had a kind of riot of oligarchs too - they left ruling party (after government suspended to sign free-trade agreement) and joined opposition. Almost all the media were under their control and the Maidan protests were inspired by western NGOs and media (TV) as well. As usual our billionaires try to support different parties at once. Now many oligarchs were appointed by new government as regional governors (and that also contributed to the people's anger that inspired new - counter-rebellion against Maidan). Yesterday in the counter-rebellion in Donetsk 3 men were killed (members of Maidan). So, actually it's oligarchic neoliberal coup where nazis were used as paramilitary forces to overthrow government. Although now they in fact went out of control..."
Excellent essay that helps explain the money and leadership dynamics within Ukraine.

"Why the corruption won't end: Ukraine, New Leaders, Same Oligarchs"

"“A revolution? No, it’s just a different deal of the cards,” said sociologist Volodymyr Ishchenko, deputy director of the Centre for Society Research in Kiev. A few weeks after Yanukovych’s removal, his frustration was clear: “This government defends the same values as the previous one: economic liberalism and getting rich. Not all rebellions are revolutions."

"The government is counting on the oligarchs to try to compensate for the failure of the state and almost total disappearance of its apparatus. It is trying to involve them in the defence against the “Russian threat”, given that a lasting conflict would be disastrous for their interests."

"Chains of command are unclear at all levels of the security forces. Central administrations, where new leaders have been appointed, are barely functioning: “As far as corruption is concerned, the prosecutor’s department is relying on the information that we journalists can provide, because the archives have disappeared,” said Anna Babinets."
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