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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Of Kings and (Fire)foxes...

The problem, nutshell-wise. Obama, having met with King Abdullah, has announced that the U.S. and Saudi Arabia are "very much aligned."
A senior administration official denied published reports that the United States is considering supplying the opposition to Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad with surface-to-air missiles, also known as MANPADS.

Obama and Abdullah steered clear of international complaints of human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia...
Right. Because that let's-give-missiles-to-the-jihadis thing worked out so freakin' well in Afghanistan.

And what, exactly, makes Abdullah better than Assad? When it comes to religious freedom (an issue that many Americans claim to care about), Assad has treated the Christian community in Syria rather well, while Saudi Arabia persecutes anyone attracted to any non-Muslim beliefs, including both Christianity and atheism.

Mozilla.  The people who make Firefox are making a messy transition to the mobile age, and the company is now in upheaval. My suggestion: Instead of worrying so much about the iWorld, Mozilla should concentrate on fixing the way its browser works on traditional PCs. Remember desktops? Lots of folks still use 'em, including me.

Firefox, to which I had been very loyal, has developed an infinitude of technical glitches that the company simply refuses to fix. For example, if you have two browser windows loaded up, the window you don't want to look at will often scoot in front of the one you do want to look at -- for no reason. Worst of all are the high-CPU flare-ups, which have become intractable and frequent. Forget multitasking, even on a reasonably powerful system.

So I switched to Pale Moon, a version of Firefox with better code. All of my favorite Mozilla add-ons work just fine, and the CPU stays nice and frosty.
I once used Iceweasel, now Icecat, because I used Crunchbang. Now I'm on Slackware, so back to Firefox. I have no problems. I understand that some people have problems after updates that can be solved by removing ~/.mozilla, or whatever you have on Windows.
For a long time Firefox's pdf reader didn't work. I was much annoyed when I had to fire up Internet Explorer to look at a pdf. The Firefox pdf reader seems to work now, but thanks for the hint about Pale Moon.
Saudies are intolerant of any one who is not a Wahabi forget about non Muslims. I will take Assad any day over the scrums, not that he is not scrum himself. What's remedy for the cup flare ups in general
Awesome anon 1:26, I've been waiting for a Rugby debate on cannonfire for as long as Joe has been writing about Mr. Kerry. Joking aside, I'm sure anything I write in Arabic would come off sounding like Baseball trueisms.

I haven't thanked the proprietor for his column yet this keep up the good word/work.
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