Sunday, March 30, 2014

Albatross fight!

Looks like there's a good chance that Jeb Bush will be the 2016 Republican nominee. He's the Romney of this go-round: The moneybags candidate who looks moderate and electable when compared to the Tea Party whackadoodles. 2016 may resemble 1992: A Clinton vs. a Bush.

Throughout 2007 and the first part of 2008, I expressed my annoyance with both the Clinton and Bush dynasties -- or, more accurately, with the very concept of a dynasty at play in American politics. But if we must go that route, then let's have a face-off between Hillary and Jeb. Since many libertarian-leaning conservatives have spent the past few years dissing the warmongering legacy of GWB, it'll be interesting to see them rationalize Jeb's effort.

So here's how it plays: Jeb has an albatross around his neck -- an albatross named George. Hillary has an albatross and her neck -- an albatross named Barack. May the best albatross win!
Hillary has an albatross named Hillary around her neck.

For instance, she knew enough about the evils of the electronic voting machines in 2003 that she co-authored a bill to ban them--but when the bill was stuck in committee and the evils were visited on the election of 2004 she didn't say squat.
Does Ross Perot have a close relative in politics?
It's not going to matter - we've seen what politics is all about now. Which corporatist do you want in the White House? Who cares, they ain't workin' for us!
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