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Friday, February 28, 2014

Weird Google Maps hack

It is, or (until recently) was, possible to utilize a strange (but simple) Google Maps hack in order to record secretly calls to the Secret Service and the FBI.

I know what you're thinking: How can a map service allow one to record telephone calls? Check it out. Damned clever piece of strategy. I'm not saying that I approve, but...damned clever.
Great article to link to, thanks for that. This brings into light another issue I have privately stewed about for years.

Google, Youtube and Facebook do not take phone calls from the public. This arrogance leads to higher profit margins which makes their stock more valuable.

And yet, virtually all brick and mortar buildings in the past allow for some type of phone communication with the public.

Having said that, I do appreciate the google blogger software that is available to bloggers for free.

It's kind of like painting Darth Vader as the ultimate bad guy even as he allowed those cute lil ewoks to roam freely on the death star, who eventually helped to overthrow Darth Vader, (have I got my Star Names correctly identified?)
You can be absolutely sure that a big stake in the Ukrainian neo-Nazis is owned by the KGB (SVR/FSB).
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