Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The day we fight back

This is supposed to be "the day we fight back" (to use the commonly heard phrase) against the NSA's oppressive surveillance. Actually, I started my fight a while back, as did many of you. But if you are still looking for a way to do battle, a good place to start is here.

An apartment complex of 100 renters, one is a dope dealer and 5 are drug users. One of the drug users is short of cash and the dope dealer tells the addict, "break into that (random) jerk's place when he's not there, steal a bunch of stuff, and I'll give you some drugs"...

The addict starts hanging out nearby, text messages a friend to "come on over" (as a lookout) as soon as the soon to be crime victim leaves for to go out on a Friday Night, the place is robbed.

Is the crime victim going to be happy that text messages are not traceable anymore?

I would suggest a parallel issue is "fair use". Any data that is being kept by the NSA can also be mined by local police to help solve a criminal case on the local level.
If you need to use a search engine, Duck Duck Go supports The Day We Fight Back.
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