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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Spooks against Hillary

A while back, I said I was done with Hillary. She sullied herself by working for the Obama administration. But if there's one thing that can get me back on the Hillary parade float, it's this...
And, according to Reuters, a "right-wing group of former spies and special forces operatives that says it is nonpartisan but has historical Republican ties" is launching a new push to tar the former Secretary of State with the 2012 attack that killed four U.S. diplomats, including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

"If Hillary Clinton wants to run for president she's not going to be able to continue hiding from the fact that she did nothing to help prevent the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi," said Scott Taylor, president of the group OPSEC, according to Reuters.

The group intends to launch a critical report of Clinton's actions in Libya, the wire service reported. Former CIA official Fred Rustmann, who Reuters quoted as someone who has spoken for the group, told the news outlet that it's "not affiliated in any way with the Democrat, Republican or any other party."
Rustmann, eh? If the name is familiar, it's because Fox News called upon him to slam Valerie Plame. Remember when the Republicans were trying to pretend that she was never a covert operative but was instead just a desk jockey?

Rustmann also runs a group called CTC International -- "A private intelligence agency for the global business community" -- which some have accused of being a "CIA front."

I don't like referencing Larry Johnson, but he has some interesting things to say about Rustmann...
He was Chief of Station at a post in the Mediterranean when Valerie Plame Wilson, who was undercover as a State Department officer, worked for in a neighboring station (Valerie had served as an intern for Rustmann at Headquarters while in the Career Trainee Program. Subsequent to that assignment Valerie became a non-official cover officer). Rustmann, who was no longer at the CIA when Valerie made that move, took it upon himself to go public when Valerie’s name was exposed in July 2003, and defended those who leaked her name. He insisted that Valerie was only under, “light cover.” What an ignorant fool he is. He was not around the CIA when Valerie moved into the realm of non-official cover.

If reporters really want to have some fun, they ought to be asking why Rustmann left the CIA. Most of the world does not know that Rustmann’s CIA career ended under a cloud that followed his work as Chief of Station in a post in the Med. I am told by sources who were familiar with the matter, that Rustmann was accused of taking religious icons from an ancient church in Cyprus. The result of this was an investigation and an early retirement for Rustmann. Having Fred Rustmann complain about Obama’s misuse of classified information is like having Heidi Fleiss complain about legalized prostitution at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada. Pot calls kettle black.
Firedoglake has more on the group OPSEC:
OpSec is another “Black Op” to strengthen the power of the five million member secret government. They have gotten a million dollars from unidentified donors. One way or another that million dollars is paid for by taxpayers. It is bad enough that taxpayers have to pay for the war, but we have to pay for the war propaganda also.

OpSec has produced a slick video, “Dishonorable Disclosures”. It is mainly a political campaign video, attacking the President. This violates their tax status, 501-c-(4). So we taxpayers are subsidizing their campaign. OpSec should be prosecuted, but OpSec is a TeaBagger Group, related to ALEC. So they are above the law.
One OpSec goon is not a blabber mouth. But Chad Kolton is a professional liar, who has profited greatly from lies. He served as the Spokesliar for the Director of Intelligence. He seems to be highly embedded in the secret world. And his war propaganda business HDMK with secret contracts, is a likely source to launder taxpayer money to OpSec.
I'll have more on this front. Promise.
There was a similar movement against John Kerry over swift boat. I think they succeeded in casting doubt about Kerry's claims regarding swift boat and sunk Kerry just enough to lose the presidency in 2004.

However, Benghazi is sheer idiocy. 22 american veterans commit suicide EVERY DAY in the U.S. Anybody who thinks Benghazi rises to the height of a pimple by comparison is already a Hillary Clinton hater needing a fix of hate to get them through the day, or they just need a hate cause to feel alive.
Listening to coworkers discuss the election in the lunchroom, the swiftboating most definitely succeeded in casting doubt about Kerry's Vietnam record.

There was also the mysterious apparent flip in vote counts between the two candidates late that election night. With the revelations regarding NSA hacking abilities, is there really any doubt now that in a computerized voting system that such a thing could be done? And NSA work and abilities are parceled out to private contractors.

I look forward to seeing what more you're able to unearth, Joseph. At one time I was a fairly regular poster at No Quarter--many moons ago. I left when they went full throttle screecher.

As Alessandro commented this sounds like another swift boat assault in the making with a black ops twist. In addition as CBarr mentions, I was always suspicious of the 2004 vote count in Ohio. Didn't pass the smell test. Unfortunately like Gore, Kerry stepped back and decided not to fight.

And yes, hate is alive and well. One needs only visit certain sites to read the well directed hate-fest we can expect as the 2016 campaign swings into action. After which a shower is recommended.

Haters gotta hate. At least 25% of our population is absolutely delusional. There's no point in even considering accommodating them.
Is it an oversimplification to say anti-Hillary/Benghazi attacks are good if done by those who say when attacking the CIA shouldn't have been drugrunning outta there and in fact, the US had no business overthrowing Khadaffi or Hussein?

And all others should be dismissed as distorted garbage.
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