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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Obama and Hitler: A comparison

Mother Jones offers this shocking headline:
Obama's Tea Party Cousin Who's Running for Senate Compared President to Hitler
…and he has the backing of a top national conservative group.
The comparison was made by Milton Wolf, a very conservative fellow in Kansas who wants to take the place of conservative Senator Pat Roberts, because Wolf is so very very conservative he thinks that Roberts is a pinko. Or something like that. Apparently, Wolf is distantly related to our beloved president -- whom I also consider rather too conservative, although both Wolf and Roberts would disrespectfully disagree with that assessment.

The purpose of this post is not discuss Wolf's views. Most regular readers will agree that the man is an idiot. Instead, I would like to ask a simple question: What's wrong with comparing Hitler and Obama?

Allow me to do so, right here and now.

Hitler was in charge of a country in Europe. Obama is in charge of a country in North America.

Hitler had a mustache. Obama is clean shaven.

Hitler was part Jewish (according to a rumor that everyone loves to repeat even though scholars dispute it). Obama is part white (according to a family tree which no-one disputes).

Hitler wore a military uniform. Obama wears suits designed by Hart, Schaffner and Marx.

Hitler never smoked. Obama once did and may still.

Hitler served in combat. Obama never did.

Hitler was a vegetarian. Obama eats dead animals (presumably).

Hitler ordered Blitzkriegs. Obama orders drone attacks.

Hitler foolishly invaded Russia. Obama has wisely avoided this error.

Need I go on? I wish people would look up the meaning of the word "comparison" in the dictionary. Yes, you can compare apples and oranges. Comparison does not imply equivalence. Indeed, if two things were equivalent, there would be no need to make a comparison.
Sheesh, it's so obvious. The names Hitler and Obama share none of the letters of the alphabet. What more does a rational person need to know?
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