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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Is this going to turn into something real? (Updated)

A gossip site called Radar Online says that Elizabeth Hurley had an affair with Bill Clinton back in 1998. The source for the story, allegedly, is actor Tom Sizemore, who used to be Hurley's boyfriend.

Supposedly, Sizemore was at the White House for a screening of Saving Private Ryan when Bill Clinton asked ever-so-delicately for Hurley's number: "Give it to me. You dumb motherfucker, I’m the commander-in-chief of the United States of America. The buck stops here. Give me the damn number." When he got through to Hurley, he (allegedly) eschewed the subtle approach: "I don't have any time for the ****. I'm keeping the world from nuclear war all the time. I'm sending a plane to pick you up."

This scenario supposedly was enacted at the height of Monicagate, when the whole world was watching Clinton's every move. Remember, he had been afraid to have actual intercourse with Monica -- and she was in love with him. And as you work out the logistics of sneaking so famous a woman as Hurley into the White House (did Clinton ever just "send a plane" to pick up anyone?), keep in mind that the President's Secret Service guardians were deposed by hostile forces.

Yeeeahhhhhhh. I don't think so.

Sizemore is an addict who has been (and may still be?) in serious trouble with the law.

Hurley has denied the story, which she calls "Totally untrue." I'm absolutely sure Clinton would not speak in such an arrogant, asinine fashion -- certainly not to people he did not know, and certainly not during that period. And I'm equally sure that Hurley (who never struck anyone as the submissive type) would have said something very ugly to anyone who talked to her as though she were meat. Then she would have gone to the press.

This tale is ludicrous on more than one level. But it gives us a taste of what to expect as Hillary heads toward 2016. I wonder what kind of deal was made with Sizemore?

Update: Sizemore now says he never visited the White House and never met Bill Clinton. Sizemore blames his previous statement on his drug addiction. (See here for some startling info about the severity of his problem. I'm surprised that Mr. Sizemore is still with us.) Nevertheless, the National Review is still pushing this story -- and you can be pretty sure that they won't mention Sizemore's takeback.

I find this turn of events quite amusing, since National Review gave yours truly a very hard time during the Weiner affair. I still think I was right about that.

I wanted Obama to win the nomination in 2008 largely because I believed that Hillary would have been subjected to the worst kinds of GOP abuse and sexism in the general election and she would have lost. I did not think they'd dare expose their racism attacking an African-American during the campaign.

I fear this is still true. But if we must try to elect a woman in 2016, let it be Elizabeth Warren, not Hillary Clinton who is such an easy target.
Tom Sizemore is a credible source to conservatives because hes slandering a Clinton.
Unfortunately, this is only the beginning. And Hillary Clinton hasn't even declared yet. One can only imagine the craziness when she does. I just love the assumption that HRC can be tarred by anything Bill Clinton did or did not do.

Rand Paul threw the meat on the table. The wolves are already crying for more, more.

Story makes no sense and the presumed dialogue sounds like a B-grade movie script.


If the 2016 general election features Kim Jong Jeb versus Kim Jong Hillary, then we might as well be living in North Korea.
Sorry this is unrelated. Follow up on something you followed way back:
But why?

'US-backed' Palestinian-Israeli talks are underway in Washington DC. The parties are supposedly aiming to agree a final settlement within the next couple of months.

The plan is to move the talks from Washington to Jerusalem and then to Hebron. (Hebron!) I wouldn't be surprised if things don't get that far. The talks will obviously fail.

Was Clinton going to 'do a Carter' and say something?

Similar cases?

1) Monicagate. Followed like nobody's business in the Israeli media. The Jewish World Review claims that "Monica Lewinsky and her dress destroyed the Middle East Peace Accords".

I always have this image of Clinton at that time being taken to the very edge of a cliff, to be pushed off at the slightest sign of demur or refusal.

I can't remember, but didn't he have a morning meeting with CPMJO before his impeachment trial?

But he's not the President any more, even if his wife might run. So here's another case.

2) Edwina Currie. She announced she'd had an affair with former prime minister John Major. That was just before, according to some sources, he said something off-message about the Middle East at the Tory party conference. Guess which got the most press coverage - what he did with his cock several years before, or his view of the Middle East?

Meanwhile, Tony Blair is never off-message on the Middle East, and lives a life as pure as cotton wool. I suspect the same is true about Barack Obama.

And what plane is Clinton supposed to have sent to get Hurley? If this story is going anywhere, someone must be able to answer that, surely. A plane provided by now-Repuglican billionaire John Catsimatitis?
I too once thought that Obama might make a better candidate because the right would go rabidly insane over Hillary. Well they've gone rabidly insane over the "fascist-communist" Obama. In fact they are insane. At least Hillary knows how to stand up to this shit and speak the truth to their lies and delusions.
BTW, Joe--I just saw a clip where Sizemore has apologized for this audio rant. It is as you suspected: the rantings of a man in full blown crazy.

Sizemore admits that the voice is his though he doesn't remember saying it [drug haze]. He's never met Clinton and has apologized to Hurley for any problems he created. As an add on, someone was trying to shake him down for money, probably one his 'friends' from his drug days. He's been clean for 5 years according to what he and his agent have said. These are the 'good 'ole days' coming back to haunt.

Only the beginning of what's sure to be 3 years of madness.

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