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Monday, February 10, 2014

If you use Yahoo Mail...

Be careful with Yahoo today. Trying to get my mail, I was redirected to bizarre screens that I don't think the company would actually use. Moreover, the problems I have had seem to be shared by many people -- maybe all users. Looks to me as though someone is attacking Yahoo.
No problems whatsoever with Yahoo mail for me all day so far. Thanks for the warning though anyway. I've really never had any problems with it, except when they unilaterally decide to change everything and it takes a few weeks to work the bugs out (I suppose one can't really complain about such changes, since one does not pay anything at all for the service).
Joseph; Let me take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work and perseverance in prospecting for real facts and speculations on same.

as to Yahoo, I think the problems stem, in part, by users like myself who have over 3000 emails extant.

They could make deletions a little easier, but I'm still culpable. I don't think they monitor the drain from their resources. It's as though it's not an issue, but it has to be.

Yahoo mail sucks and has sucked for a very long time.

Oh yes. I've been unhappy with it for a VERY LONG TIME.

I hate it.
WHO is Joseph? Is that me? I am Joe Moriarty, the prospecting Irishman(county Kerry, SOUTH-in Ireland. But actually that s my for"bearers. MANY of them at one time experienced a "killer" potato famine; whereupon THEY picked up families (remember-they arefamily-minded. And came to the USA.. O K, I'll add : they came here to the good USA (no famine here I guess but don't know.

BUT I do KNOW their PACE was terrifically REAL. (I just dropped a clue right "there". I'm "prospecting" , for some candor and will accept nothing, 'NOT' pace. Thank you. (We're going to be all right here in this program; 'least it s better than a potato famine.

Okay...that was weird.

As for who I am: All blogs are autobiographies. I have no further obligation to you. If you think otherwise, go in peace.
Several times this week Firefox warned me off a connection to Yahoo's main page, saying it wasn't trusted. It said there wasn't the correct certificate to prove a secure connection, and that might mean someone was spoofing the site.

Later tries didn't get that warning, and haven't since two days ago (for me).

Never connected through under those warnings to see what might be there.

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