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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Bella's birthday!

Although most people associate February 14 with something very different, in this household, we refer to this date as Bella's birthday. This is the date on which we found the formidable Hell-Hound destined to become this blog's mascot. We believe that she was less than a year old when she bounded into our lives that rainy night back in 2001.

Not long ago, Bella suffered yet another illness which I thought would be...well, very serious. Extreme lethargy. A hideously swollen stomach. Worst of all: Complete lack of appetite, even when presented with her favorite foods. Over the course of two weeks, she ate almost nothing. The medicine prescribed by the vet seemed only to worsen the situation.

And yet she rallied, and has returned to near-normality. Alas, she is no longer a young dog. Stairs pose a greater challenge than before. Walks aren't as long. She seems unsteady in the dark. And this rather harsh winter has pissed her off. She seems to blame me for all of that annoying white stuff covering the nearby park which she considers her sovereign realm. A lot of perfectly lovely grass been rendered un-piddle-able, and she is not amused.

Nevertheless, every night, she curls up on a pillow next to my head. Why fret about the fragility of our blessings? It is best, simply, to be grateful.

Speaking of gratitude, I'd like once again to thank the readers who helped us out when Bella needed surgery some months ago. Have a superb Bella's birthday.
How wonderful that Bella has recovered. I know what it's like when a beloved companion seems beyond recovery and manages to get rally. It's really one of life's pleasures. As to the snow covered grass problem; I saw something that looked like Astroturf and you place it outside the door or in a garage, etc. and the dog doesn't have to walk far in bad weather or if they are elderly or recuperating. I didn't read the fine print as I have cats (all three sleep with me in addition to a husband)but I did think of you and Bella. BTW, she's very pretty.
I don't know if I posted this before, but it still makes me cry.
Hey, happy birthday BELLA!
I'm getting to that point with my puppy mill rescue jack russell HoneyBee.I have a lot of anxiety.
How wonderful to hear of Bella's recuperation!

The snow is very tiresome and trying.
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