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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Conservatives are making up IRS stories again

They'll never stop beating this dead horse, will they? From a new Chicago Tribune editorial:
The agency does not get, or deserve, the benefit of the doubt in this realm — if only because it got caught targeting certain conservative organizations. In considering requests for tax-exempt status, it singled out groups with the term "tea party" or "patriot" in their names for extra scrutiny.
Let's say it yet again: The IRS did not target conservative groups. The only organizations that actually suffered penalties were on the left, a fact which has never penetrated the minds of those who get their news only from the insular world of the right-wing media.

It's the old story: "Left eye open; right eye blind." The conservatives want a world in which left-wing groups shed their tax-exempt status if they display the merest whisper of partisanship, even as the Tea partiers remain free to engage in the most obvious forms of electioneering.
The conservatives want a world where liberals are shackled and water boarded. Anyone with a left-sided twinge is labeled a traitor.

The IRS was clumsy in explaining itself, how the real deal was cracking down on the 501 c4 tax exemptions for organizations that clearly were not into educating the public [social welfare programs] but working as propaganda arms to raise money. For both parties. Liberal groups were, in fact, generously cited. But the Tea Party brigade framed the debate as if they were unreasonably targeted by that big,ole mean Obama and his commie henchmen.

The story is old and stale. Just like the people pushing it.


If conservatives didn't have their lies, then they'd just be left with their Bigotry and fawn Worship of the Rich.
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