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Friday, February 07, 2014

Beck in the saddle again

Two weeks ago, Glenn Beck apologized for helping to tear the country apart. Now, Beck says that Obama plans to toss his opponents into internment camps.
“We are Germany 1930. You can deny it all you want,” he said. “But the socialist revolution is here.”

After declaring the start of the socialist revolution, Beck tackled some lighter news: the Grammys. Shockingly, it was not the mass gay-and-straight wedding that sent some of his peers into a tailspin that bothered Beck. It was Katy Perry’s performance of her song “Dark Horse,” that really upset him. Beck called Perry’s presentation “full-fledged witchcraft and demonic glorification.”
I missed the Grammys. Did Perry glorify any demons? Which demon? I'll bet it was Allocer. Everyone knows that Allocer rides a horse, and word on the occult street has it that he's really into chesty brunettes.

Beck also said that Obama used the State of the Union to declare that he would be America's first dictator. I must have missed that part.

So why did Beck say what he said two weeks ago? Obviously, there's only one man to blame: Woodrow Wilson.
oh for crying out loud, Joseph...
I almost want to say have you not been following all the illuminati-music threads? But I really don't know if I want you to follow it or not. Of course ALL of Hollywood and the music industry are demonic satanic and while we're at it include all of our politicians. They're all witches. And to be fair, I've read the scholarly White Goddess and the Matriarchy that preceded the Patriarchy did include human sacrifice so who's to say whether the elite follow our original worship and in that sense witchcraft has and does still exist?

Don't mind me, I've tried to follow these allegations for some time now and understand what they're talking about but it's too tedious to detail.

Are you saying I was right about Allocer? I knew it. Such a scamp, he is.

Forgive my ignorance of pop music, but as you know, my tastes are elsewhere. Demon-glorification is surprisingly rare in the world of Bruckner specialists. Sure, there was the case of Von Karajan. But I can't think of anyone else.
I'd vote for Keshi, myself. Not even a proper run o' the mill Judeo-Christian demon, but a (doubtless undocumented) Hindu immigrant demon.

More appropriate for the dawning Age of Kali, don't you think?
I always assumed that anyone hearing Katy Perry's horrendous autotuned off-key caterwauling would interpret it as some form of banshee-language communication.
Where can I get some of the 'DRUGS' that Glenn Beck is on? I want to experience "Unawareness"
I still love Beck's lament that:

He could have been a . . . uniter!

Until all that money via propaganda and being the world's great charlatan got in the way. So what are a few demon and witch accusations?

My new favorite meme is that this winter's record snowfall has been a government plot against the Grand Ole South [and any other Republican stronghold]. Obama and his crew are manipulating the weather to make the Freedom Lovers suffer. Dictator of the Skies.

Makes you wonder how Glenn Beck, his wannabes and groupies will be recorded in history.

The Dark Age purveyors.

Yes, Keshi is the demon.

Katy Perry seems like an escaped receptionist. Intelligent enough to work herself some fame, but not to write good songs or music. Presentable but not what the tabloids would call a "stunna". And can't sing. She might sound like a demon, but it too bland to be one.

Ke$ha, on the other hand, is more interesting. Once described as the poster-girl for throwing up on the man you're having sex with, Ke$ha's music is all about sullying the wholesome. Soiling the notion of brushing her teeth with the idea of doing it with "a bottle of Jack". Taking the standard metaphor of love as a drug, as in "Addicted to Love" and so on, and making it unpleasantly literal by looking for it down dark alleys (in Your Love is My Drug). And, who but a demon would rhyme "chit-chat", with "dick's at" with "hit that"?

Yes, compared to Katy Perry, the post-girl of light admin, Ke$ha is the demon whore of Calcutta.
I'm sorry. Who is this Ke$sha personage? Are we talking about one of the entities listed in the Goetia?
Ke$ha is a pop personage who does music of an entirely debauched nature, about meaningless sex, drugs, nightclubs and the like. Best known for the sons "Tik Tok" and "Blah Blah Blah".

I recommend giving them a listen. Just the once, mind.
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