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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why did the Department of Homeland Security become involved in THIS case?

You'll be outraged by this tale. A patron of an AMC movie theater was detained for three and a half hours on suspicion of movie piracy. He was wearing prescription Google Glasses, which he had turned off. The theater management thought that the glasses were active, and that the patron was using the device to film a copy of the movie.

Of course, the patron eventually proved his innocence. (Frankly, even if he had been guilty, I can't see how the results would have been on any value on the bittorrent sites. People move their heads constantly.) 

What bothers me is this: The management called in two "federal officers" to interrogate the suspect. The patron presumed that he was talking to two FBI agents. But in an update to the story, we learn the truth:
For the sake of having all the facts right. I have been trying to find out who the agents that “interviewed” me at AMC were, so I asked help from a guy I know at FBI. I worked with this guy in the past when I was employed at a webhosting company. He did some digging, and he tells me the “federal agents” talking to me were DHS.
That's the Department of Homeland Security -- the folks who are supposed to be focused on terrorism.

What the hell...?

One reader of the afore-linked article has opined that the entire story may be bogus. I would prefer to think so, yet I suspect that the tale is true. If it is -- then why the hell is the DHS involved with such matters?

There should be an investigation. What else is the DHS doing that they have no right to be doing?

(Frankly, I think that a film piracy accusation, such as the one described here, isn't even the proper jurisdiction of the FBI. Leave it to the local cops.)
"Prescription" Google Glasses? What health problem are they a treatment for? Can the opticians' organisation comment? How many prescriptions for GG have their members written?

I reckon this story comes from Google.

If someone sticks a microphone on their prescription walking stick, it doesn't make it a prescription microphone.

That the idea of 'prescription GG' is getting put out sounds deliberate to me.

For obvious reasons, Google must have been talking to the optician fraternity regarding GG, and presumably the two parties reached an agreement. What does it contain?

This report starts as follows:

"A long time Gadgeteer reader contacted me today through Google Hangouts to tell me that he had a story that he thought I’d be interested in reading. He then forwarded me a long email with a story from a very good friend of his. It was such a surprising story that I asked if I could have permission to post it here on The Gadgeteer. I ended up communicating with the author of the story and have posted it here for everyone to read..."

Which screams 'fake', but the originating perp may be Google itself. I was wondering how the GG campaign would be run.

Or that particular report might be a misdirection effort, launched after the story got out. I haven't had time to investigate.

None of the above is to say that Google didn't send in the DHS.
How the GG campaign would be run...

Aargh! From the Daily Mail yesterday: Google Glass goes X-rated: App lets wearers see sex through their partner's eyes
"Prescription" Google Glasses are prescription glasses attached to regular Google Glasses.
For an example see:
next thing you know these types of devices by corps like google while figure out a way to brainwash you too, as if they aren't doing enough of that.. crazy story this one. give us a follow up if one is forthcoming.. thanks..
Economic terrorism is the issue here. Recall what George Bush said after 911, shop till you drop or the terrorists win, (or something to that affect).

I recall in the past that it would be an FBI investigation, not sure why that has changed now.
I find it a little odd that none of the people offering comments have addressed the real question here. It isn't about Google glasses or anything of that sort.

Look at the headline of my post.
Gotta expect people to want to comment on the meaning of the GG lunacy, which may soon explode like a nuclear test on Bikini atoll.

But on your main point: according to the MPAA, cited by Register, "the US Department of Homeland Security polices piracy through its Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) branch and the National Intellectual Property Rights Center." The IPRC themselves, though, don't describe themselves as being a tool of the DHS, which they describe as one of their several partner agencies, along with NASA, the FDA, etc.
I'm sure most everyone is aware that the DHS is a make-work organization apt to appear in odd places and times-- like the DEA.
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