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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More on the net neutrality fight

Cenk gives you the polite version of the story.

And then there's this dude. I've never seen him before, but I got a kick out of watching him. He gives the decidedly non-polite version of the story, and quite a rant it is. Be warned: He lets fly with F-bombs galore. That doesn't bother me, but it may bother you.

The problem with this guy's rant is he that he directs his fury at "the government." Actually, the FCC was FOR net neutrality. It's the anti-gummint Libertarians and teabaggers who have been rabidly attacking the very concept of net neutrality.

The fact that the Tea Party propagandists have spent so much time assailing net neutrality tells you much about the whole TP movement. That movement was never a grassroots thing. Even in the reddest sectors of the red states, there was no grassroots antipathy toward neutrality.

Sure, there may be average workaday folk attending tea party meetings who will tell you that they are against net neutrality. They've been misinformed -- programmed, if you will. Those people have no idea as to what net neutrality actually is. They have been led to believe that we're dealing with some onerous new form of government regulation, when in fact net neutrality is what we've been living with since the birth of the internet.

Common people do not want to pay more to get online -- which is precisely what will happen in a couple of years, if net neutrality is not restored.

The only people against net neutrality have been certain big corporations. They are the problem. Not the gummint.

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