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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


The news, this morning, is depressing -- as usual. And I'm sick of being depressed. Therefore, I give you the most wonderfully stupid thing anyone has ever done in front of a camera. The more times I see it, the more I see in it.
Nice. I miss singing and dancing in movies. Which L + H movie is this from?
A great one, of course Joseph. Stan was quite the rival of the little Tramp. Chaplin used to like to show off at a fav restaurant of Laurel's by taking the tongs from the waiter and tossing the salad with great aplomb to the delight of his guests.

Once when Stan knew Chappie had reservations for 20 he arranged with the waiters to bring him the biggest bowl they could find as well as a bushel of turnips and cabbage.

When cocktails arrived for the 20, he launched into his hilarious routine with passion and gusto, and the target of his parody finished his drink but fled with his twenty in tow.

Ben, good story. I recall reading that Stan and Charlie worked together in the UK and came over on the same boat together.

Zee, the film is "Way Out West," 1937, perhaps their best feature, and personally co-produced by Stan Laurel. Only the L&H films done for Hal Roach studios are good; everything went to hell after 1941, when the team moved to MGM and 20th.

"WOW" has another musical number in which Hardy sings "On the Trial of the Lonesome Pine." He had a surprisingly good voice.

In the clip embedded above, the deep-voiced yodeler is Chill Wills, later famous as character actor, mostly in westerns. In the 1960s, he became one of the few denizens of Hollywood to support Goldwater and then (yikes!) George Wallace.

See? You can never get too far away from politics....
Well I don't know what's depressing you, exactly, but what's depressing me is the warm welcome BHO got at Mandela's memorial shindig. Seems to me that admirers of Mandela should have booed a war criminal, not cheered him.
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