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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Funniest headline of the year

This Politician Asked Parents To Give Him Campaign Cash Instead of Buying Their Kids Christmas Gifts

And who is this politician? Governor Scott Walker!

"Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says his reelection is the gift that will keep on giving..."
Not even very original:

Prop, that one was a little icky. Walker's ploy is a LOT icky.

Kids. Christmas. That stuff is what makes the ick factor skyrocket.
It's a race to the bottom as far as political sleaze is concerned. Once OFA set the precedent, you *knew* someone had to double-down on the ick factor.

Fire them all.
Ahhh, yes. Scott Walker, Prince of Privatization. He's been selling off Wisconsin real estate to foreign interests, crushing workers and their pensions, turning back the clock on women's reproductive rights but still. . . he's suppose to be the GOPs dark horse candidate for 2016.

Gag me with a spoon.

Now he wants the kiddies' Christmas gifts. Why am I not surprised?

Sort of aligns with McDonalds' suggestion to their hired help, people who struggle to feed themselves on minimum wage: sell your Christmas gifts on Craig's list. Or better yet, cut your food into tiny pieces.

Shameless, all of them!


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