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Friday, November 29, 2013

Spies in Egypt

17 Mossad agents have been arrested in Egypt...
Three spy networks were operating in Cairo and several other Egyptian cities gathering security and military intelligence, especially from the Sinai...
Some of the spies were captured carrying a large quantity of images of military installations and vehicles.

The spies also gathered information regarding the country’s economic situation.
This bodes ill. Another source gives us an apparent American connection...
Egyptian security also found a large amount of photographs of military installations, military armored vehicles stationed in cities, and state-of-the-art means of espionage and communications that served to relay information to "another global spy agency."
In other words, the data went to Certain Interested Americans. This next bit is the most ominous of all...
The Egyptian sources reportedly said that the country's security and intelligence agencies stepped up their surveillance of diplomatic missions in Egypt after it turned out that some of them have been harboring "terror activists" and transferring funds to "terror organizations" attempting to create chaos in Egypt.
Put it all together, and it's starting to look as though someone doesn't want peace to break out in that country. I'm reminded of the "Innocence of Muslims" video, which seems to have been created for the sole purpose of creating havoc in Egypt. (It certainly wasn't made to benefit the Copts.)

People in Egypt are understandably jumpy these days. Not long ago, a stork was "arrested" because someone thought that the tag it wore (placed there by a zoologist) was a spy device. The bird became the "guest of honor" at an Egyptian supper. Perhaps as a warning to other spies...?

Incidentally, I'm working on a potentially big story about a certain event that occurred during the fall of Mubarak. But frankly, I'm afraid to publish it...
"(A)nother global spy agency" may possibly mean the Israeli military intelligence agency Aman, who have been known to run networks in Egypt.
There are a couple of problems with this story. It doesn't come from an Egyptian news source, it comes from a Kuwati news source quoting unnamed Egyptian officials. Isn't there a real good chance that Egyptian news or Egyptian government officials would deliver the news? The article suggests that diplomatic couriers of various countries were used to deliver the information. Seriously? Does anyone seriously think that the Mossad controls foreign embassies? The countries are unnamed, the "spies" are unnamed and the country of origin is unnamed. Certainly countries spy on each other and I would be stunned if Israel didn't have spies in Egypt just as I would be surprised if various countries didn't have spies in Israel. But this story needs a little more meat to be taken seriously.
Publish and be damned.
joseph, I understand hesitation when it comes to ANY spy story. But this one comes (for the most part) by way of the Jerusalem Post.

And nobody is talking about "controlling" foreign embassies. Simply using a courier is a different matter.

In the 1960s, there was a spy scandal involving a Norwegian woman named Ingaborg Lygren. Although she worked for her country's embassy in Moscow, she was recruited by the CIA to act as a "postman" -- which I think means picking up messages at dead drops. (Pretty dangerous work.) Then she fell under the suspicious eye of the James Angleton, the mole-hunter I've been obsessed with for so long...

Well, that's another story. I told part of it simply to explain why spies in a particularly hostile nation might recruit personnel from a third country's embassy.
Where does the article "suggest" that any of the 17 were working as diplomatic couriers? It just says that some of them were working under diplomatic cover, and that they are of various nationalities.
"I'm working on a potentially big story about a certain event that occurred during the fall of Mubarak. But frankly, I'm afraid to publish it." Webster Tarpley, 911 Truther, fan-boy of Alex Jones, says the CIA staged Egypt's Arab Spring to oust Mubarak, gain control the Suez Canal and initiate regime change in the Middle East.  He always cites sources for tall tales but whenever I read him I get the feeling he's just another Libertarian crackpot. Just curious, is your unpublished story barking up the same tree?
Not that, anon -- although that IS interesting. Tarpley is a strange character, but I wouldn't toss out everything he says.

My hesitation to publish is not political but -- what is the word? Social?
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