Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Drip drip drip

I did not know this...
Out of reported 50,000 pages (or files, not clear which), about 514 pages (1%) have been released over 5 months beginning June 5, 2012. At this rate, 100 pages per month, it will take 42 years for full release. Snowden will be 72 years old, his reporters hoarding secrets all dead.
Why go slow? Is the most important stuff being released first?
As my oldest son would say, "Weak." The youngest
daughter might say, "lame." As a 73 y/o, may I
suggest you take a break.... at least 7 to ten days
out of state, and leave the mutt behind.
You are reaching, and it shows. Regards.

Huh? Is that supposed to be an argument?
at any rate, edward snowden has had an enormous impact this past year regardless of how much content has been released.. nsa is in the news 24/7 internationally thanks in large measure to snowden and those bringing the info out.. the role of the usa gov't and whether it means spying on its own citizens, or those of other countries is in question. is more info released going to answer that? i doubt it..
The original source and the pull-quote erroneously date the start of Snowden's releases as June 2012, instead of June 2013.

Do details matter?
It's because Greenwald and Poitras won't share with outside news organizations as I understand it. The WaPo and the NYT might have some of the documents as well, but they have no incentive to assign reporters to go sifting through them for newsworthy information (the importance of a scoop is less when you're the top dog - cheaper to comment on the news as it happens elsewhere) and wouldn't publish anything anyway without an explicit blessing from the White House and NSA. Of course, if you'd like to join Greenwald's new venture with the Ebay billionaire, I suppose maybe you'll get to see them. They could have gone the Wikileaks route and redacted anything they didn't deem in the public interest and then released the rest for public fisking and analysis, but they didn't. Instead, the new "liberal" news organization that stands for "the public's right to know" has a juicy source of exclusives they can milk till the profits run out.
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