Saturday, November 16, 2013

An evil Starr

Remember Ken Starr? Remember the guy who (using a dubious legal justification) spent millions of dollars scrutinizing President's sex life?

Now Starr is defending a confessed child molester. I presume that he's a Republican.
You can hardly blame a lawyer for representing his client, even confessed child molestors need representation, and are legally entitled to it.
I would agree that everyone deserves a lawyer, but that is not what is happening in this case. Alice Starr, Ken Starr's wife, wrote a letter to the court attesting to the child molester's good character, and she included her husband's signature at the bottom of the letter. The contrast with Ken Starr's extended and failed witch hunt against Bill Clinton is stark.
First, something off-topic: wait until the two big Toronto stories meet up: vile tough guy Rob Ford, and the child abuse busts in the city of which he's mayor.

Kenneth Starr isn't defending convicted child molester Christopher Kloman in the legal sense. Kloman isn't on trial. He got sentenced last year, to 43 years in jail. Starr isn't even representing Kloman. He's not his lawyer. He's written to the judge saying that this man who sexually abused several children should be released from jail because community service would be a more appropriate sentence. The children Kloman abused were pupils at a school for the offspring of the Washington elite. (Not the top thereof, it seems to me, but anyhow...)

Apparently the offences took place more than 30 years ago. The case may repay study.
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