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Saturday, October 26, 2013

NSA down

As you probably know, the site was brought down for quite a while. The NSA blames "internal error," as opposed to an outside hacker attack. If you scuttle around the various tech/anarchist sites, you will find that many people question the NSA's assurances. I find it odd that this outage occurred just before the "Stop Watching Us" rally in DC (which I cannot attend, due to a cold) and in close proximity to the failed premiere of the Obamacare site. Maybe Angela Merkel finally got really, really pissed off?

In related news, Hillary Clinton is positioning herself -- with Clintonesque caution -- as the candidate willing to say in public that NSA surveillance may have gone too far.

The day is coming when the rest of the world will retaliate with a trade embargo. Nothing else will end American hubris.
Clinton must apologize for (not explain away) her vote for the Iraq War, her Patriot Act vote, her support for "free" trade bills, (outsourcing) etc. before she is a viable candidate from the left-progressive standpoint. Oh, and did I mention Libya, which is now in semianarchial condition? Then there are the drones she fully supports. Need I go on?
That didn't stop Obama from becoming pres. For two terms why her
She's got my vote, reardless of her past votes.
(Look at what you type before clicking publish, Bob)Clinton has my vote, regardless of her past votes.
"Need I go on?"

No, but you need to wise up about wasting your vote.
I don't know why any foreign airline is willing to buy Boeing aircraft. Maybe if passengers started refusing to fly on Boeings that would help.
Bob you are the approximate Democratic analogue to the "conservative" fools who will when push comes to shove vote for Jeb Bush like they voted for Romney.
Oh really, ams. Tell me how many times did you vote for Shirley Chilsom for president? Let me guess: 0. I voted for her and for Jesse Jackson. Your votes? Hmm. I'd guess you're ikely a Naderman.
This is not the place for a political purity contest, guys. I'm very impure, personally. I take a sort of pride in my impurity.
Bob, I think you nailed it. ams is a classic Naderite turned Obot.

And ams? Run along and demand Kerry apologize for HIS war vote. I was alone, standing up to him in person, and also during his sorry run for president tho I brought myself to vote him at the final hour. Where have all the other concerned citizens been on his vote? To this day, Kerry has never been given the sh!t Hillary has for the same vote.

Just shut your collective chauvinist traps now, it's beyond tedious.

Oh...and Joseph, thanks for the info on the NSA Down. Makes me glad. I'm also ill and uncharacteristically on antibiotics and was so disappointed not to be able to go to DC.
Naderite turned Obot? Actually, I believe Norman went too easy on Obama today.

"The failure of the website is entirely due to the policy choices you made back in 2009. Instead of adopting a fair, cheap, and simple Medicare-for-All like the majority of your supporters wanted, you opted for an expensive, hideously complicated, pro-corporate Rube-Goldberg machine because you opened the White House doors to industry lobbyists and didn't want to scare the Big Money. When it came to criminally prosecuting the perpetual fraud machine of Wall Street that cost the global economy tens of trillions, you urge us not to be so vindictive and "look forward, not back". Instead of focusing like a laser on the depressed economy, you passed through a weak stimulus, wiped your hands of responsibility for the macro-economy, and proceed to push through your status-quo healthcare bill that no one wanted, and few could understand. Your website is now a disaster, precisely because you lacked the courage to do what was right for the nation. Just as the ACA's drafters stretched and strained to make marginal improvements to an archaic and hopelessly broken healthcare system,'s computer coders are stretching and straining to fulfill the nearly impossible bureaucratic tasks that your "reforms" have demanded of them.

The insane Republican right has a lot do with these problems, sure. But you must realize that you inflamed and empowered them.

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