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Monday, September 09, 2013

Well, that's it...

I woke up this morning prepared to write a post about Obama's genius move in leaving the Syrian matter up to Congress. The people don't want intervention -- the polls are quite clear on that point -- and they are pressuring Congress to vote against a strike. By leaving the decision in the hands of Congress (where it belongs, constitutionally), Obama gets to pretend that he accepts this obviously cooked intel at face value -- yet, at the same time, he can tell the people who did the cooking: "Sorry, dudes. My hands are tied."


But now John Kerry has done an infuriating thing. He has given Assad a week's deadline to hand over all chemical weapons. Of course, Assad won't do that.

Even if he did, a war-bent administration could always claim that inspectors were not being given full access. That was the gimmick used in Iraq.

Kerry intimates that there will be retaliation if Assad does not comply. So now we know that Obama is committed to a strike. Never mind the polls, and never mind Congress. We're in.

Kerry said (ridiculously) that any strike against Syria would be "unbelievably small." For God's sake, it's a use of military force. Either you hit hard or you don't hit at all. (As a practical matter, there is very little one can do to take out Assad's CW armaments: Bombs will simply spread the toxins.)

Even if the strike is as teensy as Tinkerbelle, Assad has promised retaliation. This looks grim:
In a clear reference to his allies in Iran and the Islamic militant group Hezbollah, Assad warned that his government is "not the only player in this region."
So if any of these three players (Syria, Iran, Hezbollah) does something violent in response to our own "unbelievably small" violence, the U.S. -- as a matter of "face" -- will have to respond to that response. At that point, the public will probably support an escalation of hostilities.

(Of course, Assad could go for Putin's offer, but I don't think that this will happen, because the humiliation factor is too high.)

We know how these stories tend to play out: The violence keeps spiraling. Where does it end? Troops. Another Iraq-style nightmare. Perhaps war with Iran. I've said for a long time now that the neocons are behind this thing, and their great target is Iran.

I used to think the world of John Kerry. I started this blog to do whatever small thing I could to help him attain the presidency. But this...this...

Good god.

Kerry should never have joined this dismal administration. Same with Hillary.

All I can do now is hope I'm wrong. Readers, if you want to argue against this analysis, I would be overjoyed to hear from you.
offering ultimatums where one has already said they want to bomb, is pretty clear.. even if congress or whatever other rubber stamp the us admin is using to help frame this, doesn't get stamped, the bombing is still going to happen. it is what bullies do..
Yup, Kerry's remark was a real mistake. Unbelievably small??? They're talking a 200 tomahawk strike!

But I've actually taken a teensy bit of heart at the diplomatic possibility. I listened to HRC's comments. She said she'd just left the WH and definitely left the door open a crack for a peaceful resolution. If the Russians followed through, if Assad acted immediately and if CW transfers and control could be verified. A lot of 'ifs' but it's something. She also made it clear that the recent offer was the direct result of the US seriously gearing up for a strike.

It's as if a very bad game of chicken is on.

But I agree: short of a last minute reprieve, we're headed for war, again. And the populace is overwhelmingly against it.

I guess you wouldn't permit a reference to Kerry's real history, ie. research Fritz Kohn. Fair game at this point.
Shades of Saddam. Give em up or else....Kerry is such a dinosaur. Give him back will ya Obama. He's as bad as you are.
In Wisconsin my Republican senator (Johnson) will vote no and my progressive Democratic senator (Baldwin) is still trying to decide. Baldwin has always voted against war, but this time .............................. Now you may understand my total disdain for liberals of today.
Third party is looking pretty good at this point (if we survive WW111). As you've been saying, strange bedfellows this time around.
The lasting legacy of high-profile Skull-and-Bonesman was, is, and likely will always be: devastation and death on a grand scale. Check their bloody records on the national and world stage.

They're a death cult, Joseph, plain and simple.
In other news, either 10 or possibly 12 people were killed by what NATO described as a "precision strike" against "enemy forces." Witnesses say that four of the dead are women and another four are children.

In Yemen, eleven people who the Yemeni government described as "Al Qaeda militants" (you know, the people who the US is supporting militarily and diplomatically in Syria) were killed by a US drone strike. As it turns out, only four of the people have "links" to the terrorist group. Two are definitely innocent bystanders, and the other five are completely unknown. See for details. This has been going on for twelve years in Afghanistan. They hate us for our freedoms.
In my previous post, the first two sentences refer to Afghanistan. This is the kind of "surgical strike" Lurch Kerry and Obama have planned for the Syrian people. Don't post comments when drunk and angry.
Jon Stewart nailed it when he call this "incredibly small" strike "Operation Just the Tip."

The most pathetic war criminals we've ever had.

Meanwhile Barrett Brown faces a 100 year sentence.

When Kery appeared in the summer of 2004 declaring "John Kery, reporting for doo-dee", I wondered if he could possibly self-sabotage more than by invoking the ghost of Dukakis's disastrous salute in the tank.

I worked for him anyway, and when he let the Pugs jab him for flip-flopping instead of providing his very reasonable explanation, and when he failed to reveal that Bush threatened to veto the bill supporting the troops, I started to suspect something was off. But he'd promised that all the 2 million oft-spoiled black votes would be counted, so I tried to believe. And then he caved in on that and I tried to think there was some multi-dimensional strategy at work that would reveal the electoral fraud. I was wrong to believe in him. Hillary I never believed in. More on her later.
Wesley Clark tried to warn the public about the intentions of the "Ruling Class."

Did anyone listen back then when a man "in the know" went on record telling what he knew about the "5 year plan?" Well...we know the answer to that don't we?

So my question would be...."Where are all the BOTs now that O'Blah Blah has shown his inner Cheney?

Oh wait...They are cousins after all aren't they?

Well, now the MSM is saying Kerry's "diplomacy" caused Syria to turn over its chemical weapons.

I have no idea if the war is still on or not. Joseph?
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