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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Six ways of seeing a liberal

For the record, option 2 actually kind of works for me. Always was a big Errol Flynn fan.
"Man with gun and American flag" seems like an unlikely self-image.
Really, SM? "Committed Freedom Fighter" is not on your radar? Where did you go to grade school? Did you never visit Valley Forge?
Oh, for goodness sakes, SM, it's the image of a "patriot" --altho the flag should be the Betsy Ross.

This is hilarious, Joseph, and reminds me of one of my favorite pieces by Doug Marlette, where he went through how the editor and the editorial cartoonist saw themselves and each other.
If that bloke's meant to be from the American revolutionary war, surely everyone knows that was largely precipitated by the Liberal, then Whig, Party's anti-smuggling reforms which centred on lowered tax rates on only a limited range of goods, This reduced the profit-margins on smuggling operations, which led to the "Boston Tea Party". So yes, an odd choice of self-image for a liberal.

In addition to that, a patriot is an odd label for some who wages a violent revolution against his own government, and allies with foreign Powers to do so. The word you're looking for is "traitors".
I can certainly identify with Robin Hood, but you do know that Errol Flynn was a Nazi spy, don't you?


Errol Flynn 'worked as a Nazi spy and met Adolf Hitler'

The Australian-born star, who was known for his anti-Semitic views, worked undercover for the Germans during the Spanish Civil War, according to a controversial biography.

Charles Higham alleges that Flynn was employed to gather information on German socialists who fought against General Franco, helping contribute to the death of hundreds of volunteers and their families.

The hard-drinking and womanising actor's life is currently being celebrated with a special festival in his home state of Tasmania.

Higham, whose claims are partly based on analysis of declassified CIA files but have been challenged by other historians, said that the commemorations were inappropriate given the actor's political activities.

"There is no doubt whatsoever that Flynn had Nazi sympathies and worked as a Nazi operative if not an actual agent," he told the Daily Mail.

"He was first noticed for his violently anti-British and pro-Nazi views as early as 1934 and there is little doubt his work for the Nazis resulted in people being killed."

According to the biography, Flynn fell under the influence of a Hermann Erben, an Austrian doctor and Nazi party member, in the 1930s. They both travelled to Spain in 1937 where they fed information to the Gestapo, it is alleged.

The following year Flynn may even have attended a secret meeting with the Fuhrer at his Bavarian mountain retreat, according to Higham.

That is hilarious!
I think "reality" works for all of the six groups however.

And I'm with SM on this one. A flag and a gun?? Not until the tea party took over those symbols did the left even consider them. That's not yours, it's mine.
I've come to see liberals (of today) as brainless screamers who love adolescent stickers, weather on a car or in a window. They're just as easily manipulated as any other group at this point. My favorite term for them is "Prius People". Gotta get one of them, they're really cool and groovy and everyone will know how much I care. And the gas mileage is great but who cares about that humongous battery (where ya gonna recycle that?).
Showed all my true colors today Joseph. I still love you though Joseph, you're one of the smart ones, even if I don't agree with you all the time.
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Dojo, I interviewed Higham a couple of times, long ago. Not sure he really liked me, but he was gracious. I was kind of pissed off at that Flynn-as-Nazi idea, frankly.

Did you know that Flynn was also a Castro supporter? Look up the weird story behind his (Flynn's) last movie.
Oh, I should also mention -- I used to know a woman who got to know Patrick Knowles in his old age. Knowles, who played Will Scarlet, was Flynn's friend. She told me that Knowles angrily denied the Nazi allegation. "Rubbish," I think, was the word he used.

Still, Higham's book has some interesting documentation...
In a twisted way, I could see Flynn admiring both Hitler and Castro- Authoritarians, you know...

Another source I heard described Cary Grant as a British intelligence asset that kept an eye on Flynn and a young Ronald Reagan.
That could have been Higham also, I'll look around.
Dojo, Flynn's Castro project occurred when Castro was a struggling rebel. At the time, Batista was the authoritarian.

Higham has written some important books, but the Flynn/Nazi accusation never sat well with me.

There are stories that Flynn had been something of a racist -- in fact, there is even an anecdote suggesting that he had participated in the slave trade before coming to America. So that may be a line of investigation you could pursue. On the other hand, even if those tales are true, lots of people back then were racists without being Nazi sympathizers.
Oh, and Higham definitely wrote that book on Cary Grant -- the one where he is said to have indulged in a bit of spying. I don't know about that specific claim, but in all other respects, the book made quite a good impression on me.
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