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Monday, September 16, 2013

Parallels (with additional material)

This is not a serious post, although I feel a bit guilty about writing an unserious post on a day of horror. I emphasize the unseriousness of this post only because I don't want people to think I've gone all Alex Jones-y on you. Jones is always serious.

Have you noticed that parallels between Aaron Alexis and Lee Harvey Oswald?

Both served in the military. Both (presumably) served on naval bases. Both lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Both got into trouble for the accidental discharge of a weapon. Both serviced military aircraft -- the U2 in Oswald's case, the C-40 in Alexis' case. Both received less-than-honorable discharges from the service. Both went on to work as civilians for defense-related firms  -- Oswald worked for Jagger-Chiles Stovall, while Alexis worked for a tech firm called "The Experts."

Both learned difficult foreign languages -- Russian for Oswald, Thai for Alexis. We haven't been told that Alexis learned that language pursuant to his military career, but that's the way I'd bet -- even though the official word is that he was never posted overseas. Note this:
He also became fluent in Thai from watching Thai dramas and talking to others who spoke the language. He also traveled to Thailand at one point.
That sounds a bit like Oswald, who supposedly learned Russian from books and records -- although we later learned that he actually attended classes at the Defense Language Institute.

I wonder why Alexis went to Thailand? He's starting to sound a bit spooky.

Of course, there's the most obvious point of similarity: Both Oswald and Alexis are alleged to have shot from windows.

As predicted, we were told (at roughly ten this evening) that authorities were confident that Alexis "acted alone." Earlier, of course, we heard that witnesses felt certain that there were multiple shooters. I saw interviews to that effect earlier today. Seemed convincing.

Again: Don't take this post too seriously. Just trying to make your synapses sizzle a bit.

Update: A few more notes of similarity...

Both men experienced conversions to doctrines which many Americans would find unusual -- Buddhism in the case of Alexis, Marxism in the case of Oswald.

Both are said to have performed feats of remarkable marksmanship despite being previously labeled bad shots.

Both had security clearances. In the case of Alexis, the DSS gave him a secret clearance even after he had been discharged for misconduct -- a situation which strikes me as a bit odd, although perhaps a reader can tell me whether it truly is odd.

Here's a serious question: How did Alexis get a valid pass to get into that facility?

Also: Just hours after the shooting, a strange little man -- barefoot, but apparently not homeless -- was arrested for discharging a weapon in front of the White House. If you hit the link above, you'll find comments more startling than gunfire:
MOre like the leftist who just shot up the naval base.
the anti-christ brings violence again to the american people.
Pretty ugly. But if you want to see really ugly, I think I've discovered the ugliest site in all of the internet. It's called The Mad Jewess, and the motto is "Islam sucks." Here's how they covered the shooting:
Black Thug Aaron Alexis Identified as Gunman in Washington Navy Yard Shooting

Is he also a Muslim?

We are brainwashed to believe that only white, right-wing extremists are the perps of these type mass murders. Even though most all domestic terror is carried out by leftists: Facts About #Communist Leftists

There are also many mass killings perp’d by blacks: Black Serial/Mass/Spree Killer List.

If they find photos of the guy holding a gun and an Obamacare card in his backyard, game over.
Remakes are the norm these days. Can't think of anything original? Hows about we do a remake of Batman? These people don't even try to come up with new plots anymore.
I'm not serious, but I'm semi-serious.

Well, maybe PK Dick was right, "we are living in a computer programmed reality ................."

Or maybe I'll head over to Ed Chiarini's place and see WHO Alexis is!

Or maybe it's just a "false flag" and THEY want to take away our guns.

Or maybe it was ALL done by actors and nobody really died.

Who the hell knows anymore.

Oh yeah, maybe THEY are just trying to confuse us so everybody becomes docile and compliant.

I like the dots you connected. I'll try not to take it too seriously.
Aaron had "secret clearance."
Yes, Joseph, there are plenty of parallels. Is this some sort of pre-figuring of the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, only about 10 weeks away? Synchronicity? (If that means anything to you; I'm not sure.) Conspiracy with malice aforethought, as Kitty suggests?

Even allowing for the current state of journalism now, what about the reports of one shooter with a pistol and one with a "long gun?" Also, one eyewitness said the shooter "was a bad shot?" The allegedly bad shot managed to kill 12 while only wounding 3. That's a pretty good batting average for a bad shot. Oswald was also a bad shot, according to marines who had served with him. Wish we knew more about Alexis, including the story that he suffered from PTSD because of "rescuing victims on 911."
"Aaron Alexis, 34, was treated for paranoia, trouble sleeping and hearing voices, the Associated Press reported"

Did he also collect copies of Catcher In The Rye?
There is a phrase for Mad Jewess, "a shanda fur die goyim." A number of years ago, in my town, there was a major sting operation on massage parlors. It turned out that some Koreans were importing sex slaves and forcing them to work as prostitutes. My good Korean friend felt humiliated. I told him that those people had nothing to do with him, but he said, "But they were Koreans!" By the way, those supposedly pro-Israel right wing bloggers are mostly frauds. If Rand Paul, no friend of Israel, runs against Hillary, who certainly is, they will find excuses to support Paul. Because, and I'll say it again, for Republicans, the answer to all your questions is "Money."
Read the Seattle police report on the tire-shooting incedent.
The cop writes that he checked one roll of 35mm film into evidence.

What the hell was that? Who uses 35mm film anymore?

And he didn't do any jail time for shooting up a car in a residential neighborhood?
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