Thursday, September 19, 2013


Every iPhone 5 purchased puts profit in the pockets of the Koch Brothers.

Go Android. It's cheaper and less pretentious.
Everyone I know does not like iphones including the owners of iphones.
Molex makes more connectors than pretty much anybody. Rest assured, Joseph, there are just as many Molex parts in any Android phone as there are in an iPhone.

Besides, if you're going to support Chinese slave labor practices is it really that big a stretch to send money to the Kochs?
If it's electronic ... TVs, phones, DVD players, cars, and airplanes ... it has Molex connectors in it. No difference between high-profit iPhone and medium-profit Samsung Galaxy in that respect. Your car, no matter where it was made, probably has at least 50 Molex connectors in it.

Nice story, but it has nothing to do with Apple. The Kochs want a slice of the electronics action; unless you live like a hermit, you're going to be using Molex connectors.
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