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Sunday, September 29, 2013

California to Tea Party: "Neener!"

Is this true? If it is, then I bailed out of California at precisely the wrong moment.

There are still plenty of scarlet red counties in "blue" CA. Those places traditionally send lots of far-right obstructionist legislators to Sacramento, and they were the ones who prevented any and all solutions. How did California solve that problem?

One thing's for sure: I'd rather live in my old home state than in Mississippi.

Not so fast. CA is one disaster away from a full out police state. CA could be literally torn apart anytime by huge earthquakes, and is currently getting alot of radiation from the Fukushima disaster plus alot of pollution from China, not to mention many states buy one way bus tickets for their mentally ill homeless to San Francisco.

Maher is gloating about CA, but the reality is something else. The liberal bubble that makes up the SF Bay Area has been the target of covert black book ops for decades. some of the off the book "assignments" almost succeeded in turning SF and parts of the surrounding areas into massive destruction zones.

Alot of the cointel programs were targeted at the SF Bay Area during the 60s, 70s and even into the 80s. The conservatives still hate, hate and HATE SF, they still hate the gays, the liberals. But they've been happy because they're getting richer than they every dreamed with the whole economic inequality and the huge handouts to the banks and the decimation of labor and unions. With the help of ALEC, they control the House, most State legislatures, State Governors, so they're happy because they're way ahead. Many big tech companies don't even pay taxes anymore and have gutted the tax base, so that higher education is in crisis. They're very happy. Congrats on their success!

SF and LA are still very much at risk for tremendous damage caused by a huge "earthquake" which would trigger a martial law curtain to come down hard and fast.

You can scoff at this, but in years to come you'll realize you're one of the lucky ones that got away from CA before it got rocked by a series of earthquakes that result in the declaration of martial law for the wrong reasons and which may turn out to be a full crackdown on GLBT, liberals and anyone that isn't a conservative.

The hurrah about gay rights/samesex marriage has been used as a huge distraction by Obama liberals to lull us into thinking that the creeping surveillance and loss of civil rights and loss of habeas corpus and the continuation and strengthening of the Patriot Act will all make us safer and that we still live in a "democracy". We really don't anymore, not with 95% of all votes being counted/handled by electronic voting machines/tabulators/systmes which use proprietary software which turns our elections into blackbox "faithbased" voting in which we "hope" that those candidates who are ahead in the polls, actually win.

We'll be shown soon enough who is really in control and it won't be a very pretty picture should a natural disaster strike, triggering a martial law situation. I'm guessing they've been planning for this shutdown for many years, so make sure you're on the good side of your rightwingers, you might need them to save you in the future.

Never type, or make phone calls to long lost lovers, when you've been imbibing.
HAvering sade tha, Ill sade this: California might, just might, show us the way out of the abyss that is Governance by regressive GOP poppycock.
And hopefully, CA policies will actually be rammed down the Collective Conservative throat for reels this time.
So that when they complaining about being forced into doing what is best for most of us, and getting all into a tizzy about having to share with others, it won't their usual wolf wolf wah wah.

Joseph, I do believe that some of your readers really are weird. I saw that movie. That is the exact plot of Escape from LA starring Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken.

Personally, I don't care for Maher because he is such a smug jackass. He is right though. Pretty much spot on with every statement.

The problem I have with conservatives is that they have no ideas, no solutions and they seem to want to govern without a conscience.

I have been thinking about our approaches to problems since pretty much the beginning and they really puzzle me. When homeless first became a huge problem what did this country do? Build housing, work to find these people jobs and medical care? No, we outlawed them.

I mean, some of the solutions that have come about primarily because of conservatism are just so outrageously stupid. So now their solution to combat hunger is to get rid of food stamps. You solve joblessness by eliminating unemployment insurance. The list goes on and on and on. Seriously, anybody who listens to anything any of those dimwits ever say should really reexamine their thought processes. Republican ideology is bad for the people of this country in every conceivable way.
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