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Thursday, August 22, 2013

You need a vacation

Okay, I admit it. My brain is too frazzled (by some stuff completely unrelated to blogging or politics or anything of that sort) to sort through all of the NSA-related material that happened yesterday. So here's a quick non-spook-related post, one that may not make you very happy. It all comes down to this graphic, which I swiped from The Confluence.

Told you it wouldn't make you very happy. But the question is: How do we change the picture?

More libertarianism is not the answer.
No one working in the US gets any paid holidays or paid vacation days?

Sorry. That graphic is wrong on US data.
If the pale blue "paid holidays" refers to what in the UK are called "bank holidays", they have at least half a dozen in the UK, so the graph isn't accurate:Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Easter Monday, Spring bank Hol, May Day, Late Summer Bank hol - that's from a fuzzy memory bank - I've been retired and away from the UK for years. If staff still have to work those days they are compensated with double time or equivalent time off - or some other compensation.

What can workers in the USA do? Wake the f... up! Demand union membership rights, and get themselves educated on unionism. They have been pi.... on by employers for long enough. Excuse the language but this makes me very angry.
Am I missing something? The average American gets zero paid vacation and holidays? Not even Christmas? Something has to be wrong with this graph.
I know we suck generally but the 0 number confuses me, maybe I'm not getting it, I work for a corporation ( one I think of as better than others) and we get paid vacations and holidays, granted it took me 16 years to get 200 hours vacation and holidays. am I missing something?
On further reflection, it may be that this graph shows the paid vacations and holidays due workers BY LAW in those countries.

Here in the greatest nation in the entire history of mankind, workers depend on the benevolence of their employers -- if they are lucky enough to have one.
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