Monday, August 26, 2013


I think Booman is turning against Obama based on this Syrian "inspection for chemical weapons" BS. If Booman has finally had it with the guy...well. That's like Ann Coulter finally admitting that McCarthy was a jerk.

Nevertheless, it seems that the navies of Britain and the US are going to launch some sort of attack. If and when this happens, the Great Liberal Hope -- the guy given a premature Nobel Peace Prize -- will have finally managed to Dubya-ize himself.
I hope to God they don't do it. So far America and the west in general is backing the Muslims brotherhood all over the middle east for unexplained purpose. Assad like the of the rest of dictators is scum and need to be dealt with, but if his removal measns the MB in power I would rather have him. I hope Russia put its foot down in this.
The Egyptians have already announced they are sending military representatives to explore coordination with the Syrian government army. The Russians, of course, have had interests in Syria for decades, and the Iranians are connected also. Putin has to decide if he wants to fold or pull a Kennedy and raise the stakes. The cheerleaders for Armageddon must be holding their breath in anticipation. The upside is we wouldn't have worry about global warming, Fukushima, unpaid parking tickets, or losing weight. Thank you, Obama; you truly are our Redeemer.
I think Booman is about to discover his irrelevance.
No individual blogger is really "relevant," Prop. But I do think that it may be significant when bloggers trend in one direction or another.
Let me rephrase that - I think the fauxgressive community is about to be reacquainted with its irrelevance.
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