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Friday, August 30, 2013

His secret life

(I've written a lot about Syria lately, and I need a break. So do you.)

As many of you are aware, the photo to your left depicts a man photographed outside the Cuban embassy in Mexico City in September of 1963. The government initially identified this fellow as Lee Harvey Oswald.

Obviously, it ain't LHO. Even though the CIA had cameras taking shots of everyone going in and out the Cuban and Soviet embassies, the Agency somehow failed to get a single image of Oswald. In fact, there's a good case to be made that Oswald never even went to Mexico City.

But if this guy isn't LHO...who is he?

For years, he has looked strangely familiar to me. But I just couldn't place him. Finally, it hit me...

(For a serious study of the Mexico mystery, go here.)
The warmongering plotters who expected their framing of LHO (as a Soviet-inspired, Cuban-directed assassin) would light a fuse that would quickly ignite a full-blown nuke battle with "the Roo-skies" were sorely disappointed, as we all know.

But it wasn't just cooler Washington-and-Langley heads that prevailed in dashing the Strontium 90-tinged dreams of such demons in human form as Walker, Lemay, Lemnitzer (and perhaps your own personal bete noir, Angleton). It was malevolent common sense -- on the part of the "saner" malefactors, who saw far greater profitability (and survivability) in building up their beloved mil-intel-industrial behemouth via a drug-lines protecting, proxy war against the Reds in Southeast Asia. And since JFK was standing in the way of that nascent war's wild expansion, of course he had to be iced... but not at the cost of a still-too-risky ICBM exchange.

And so, the multi-layered death plot's Mexican gambit was rather unconvincingly carried out -- with this ridiculously inappropriate Ozzie "double" standing in for one of the more cosmetically convincing "Alec Hidells" who instead was given the day off.

Yes, in the murky, dangerous world of realpolitik there are often plots within plots, some of which are successfully plotted against, by some of the very plotters whom the other plotters foolishly trusted to be plotting WITH them, instead of working in service to yet other plots, the details of which the foiled plotters were, for too long, unaware.
I'm one of the myriad Twitter security state apologists and I think the man looks just like Lee Harvey Oswald.
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