Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The bare minimum

Here's a must-read article: McDonalds and Visa have put together a report telling poor people how to manage their money. Turns out a minimum wage worker can get along just fine -- as long as he works two full-time jobs (80 hours a week), pays a mere $600 a month in rent, and spends only $20 a month on health insurance.

See the chart for yourself. I can think of no better argument against libertarianism -- especially when we recall that the Koch brothers want to reduce or eliminate the minimum wage.
The minimum wage in America is an abomination. It is not a living wage by any means and it’s impossible to get by with such a low salary. If the minimum wage had kept up with inflation, it would now be over $10 an hour. If it had kept up with skyrocketing productivity as it lined employers pockets’ the minimum wage would be $21.72
The corporate media (which includes fake "alternative" media like right-wing radio and Fox) tries to brainwash American workers into believing that they are less productive than they used to be. In truth, low-wage labor is working harder and getting less:

Temporary labor through casual employment agencies has taken off following the GFC, replacing middle class jobs. The results have been nothing short of criminal for the working class (and yes, despite the media resistance to use that term it is about class warfare).
I thought Obama said years ago he was going to make $9/hr the national minimum wage...which is about half what it should be. Sickening.
Have you seen the youtube on Michael Hastings?
It seems his created (without family permission0 remains have been returned to the family. So much for an indy autopsy.

google yuotubehastings.
Don Thompson, new CEO of McDonald's, has been awarded an annual pay package of $13.8 million, a considerable upgrade from the $4.1 million he received in 2011. (source: AP)
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