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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Sorry for the light posting

My dog Bella, who has functioned as a mascot to this blog since its inception, is very ill. Although she does not seem to be in pain, she has stopped eating and barely even lifts her head. She has a hard lump on her belly.

To be frank, it's difficult or me to read or to write or to think of anything other than my dog's condition.

I'll be taking her to the vet today. I've put this visit off as long as possible, in part because of the cost -- I remain as poor as the proverbial church-mouse -- and in part because...well, one dreads the news one might hear.
Oh - I understand your distress, Joseph. I hope the news on Bella's condition turns out to be better than you expect. I'll dip into my not particularly deep pocket and send a few $$s towards the vet's bill, as I feel certain will other regular readers of your wise words.
I am sorry to hear that Bella is ill brother. I wish there was some way I could send something to help defray the cost of a vet bill but like you, I too am pretty poor.

I hope all works out with Bella. You and She are in my thoughts brother.
Thank you, Twilight. And thank you RD. I don't want to put anyone out because we're all feeling the pinch right now. It's just that...

Jeez, I wish this were happening to ME instead.
Put up a damned tip jar, and fuck your pride.
Do it now.
Put up a damned tip jar, and fuck your pride.
Do it now.
My four legged lady's name is Bella, too. Sorry to hear about your troubles, but as other's have mentioned those of us who appreciate the work you do here will donate to help defray the cost of care/treatment.
I donated a bit to the Bella Fund - I'm very sorry to hear she's ill. I hope this turns out to be much less serious than you fear. She's in my thoughts.
I'm so sorry about Bella. I know the pain of losing an animal friend. Take care, Joseph.

I am sorry Joseph.
But I don't wish it were you. I happen to like your moody gruff self. As for the Vet bill, don't wotty about it. I happen not to be poor just now.
So, here is a question for you.
What can be done when a majority of Americans disagree with a SCOTUS ruling? As the latest polls show regarding the voting rights act.
There is a credit card for vet bills called Care Credit. The first 12 months, zero interest.Years ago, my cat had to have a very complicated cancer surgery. I had just left my husband and was wearing frayed jeans and holes in my underwear. I hocked whatever jewelry I had,borrowed another $500.00 from an old boyfriend and put the rest on Care Credit. I went through an expensive divorce, lived from week to week but it gave my kitty a bit more time. That was my decision in that situation and I have also made the decision with another cat not to put her through surgery. I hope for the best for Bella and for you,Joseph. My heart is heavy.
When I had a shi tzu, she developed some hardened puss in her side. They quoted me several hundred dollars to do the "surgery".

The newly owned vet facility lost my business that day. I found another vet who removed the dried up puss for like 45 dollars.

I have a possible source of revenue for you. If you are interested, email me.

I've just sent a contribution to your vet's bill from across the pond.

Hoping the problem turns out to be not as bad as you fear!
It is a tough time. I wish you and Bella well.
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