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Thursday, July 18, 2013

More on the Michael Hastings mystery

The above video features an interview with Joe Biggs, a friend to Michael Hastings. Biggs, who strikes me as a calm and rational observer, feels that the famed reporter's death was not an accident. On the morning of the crash, Hastings sent his friend an uncharacteristically strange and panicky email.

Kimberly Dvorak, also interviewed in this video, is an investigative reporter who decided to take a closer look at the Hastings mystery. She has interviewed witnesses who insist that the car exploded well before it struck the palm tree. Dvorak's work strikes me as very credible.

I may get in trouble for posting this one. Mark Dice is a somewhat over-the-top conspiracy buff who has seriously annoyed me in the past. But here he discusses -- rather intelligently -- the possibility of a modern car's electronics being commandeered by a hacker. We have talked about this technology in a previous post, which published a talk by Dr. Kathleen Fisher of DARPA. If she says it's possible -- it's possible.

Moreover, in the first video above, counterterrorism expert Richard Clarke expresses his view that Hastings' car may have been hacked by a cyber-attack.
There is reason to believe that intelligence agencies for major powers -- including the U.S. -- know how to remotely seize control of a car.
Even if you don't accept any conspiratorial scenarios of the Hastings incident, you simply have to be concerned about these new electronic attack capabilities.

Another mystery: Why was Hastings' body cremated -- against the wishes of his family? I've never heard of such a thing previously! (So far, the story has not been confirmed by Hastings' wife.)

Here is another interview with Dvorak in which she discusses the mystery cremation (and threats against her own person)...

We're not sure which story Hastings was working on. Apparently he did not even tell his wife, although he let people know that he was onto something big.

Here's one takeaway: If you are an investigator looking into something large and nasty, don't keep your mouth shut -- at least, not completely shut. Keep a friend informed, and hide a file in a secure location.
The ties between RT (by definition a Putin front correct?), Alex Jones and Midas Gold have never been adequately explored.
I am bit skeptical of Dvorak and Biggs. First, Dvorak initially flubbed the location of the "immaculent ejection" engine and drive train - stating it had landed 50 feet behind the impact site. But she recovered with the an interesting scoop regarding the further cremation of Hastings cremated remains. Biggs on the otherhand just does not impress and has little or nothing of substance to say. Stage fright? Maybe, but I'd be a little more animated if one of my best friends just became housed in a urn - against his families wishes. Maybe it's just me....
I'm surprised by the luke warm responses of the previous two comments. Given what we know about the current state of US surveillance, as well as Hastings background and journalistic ethos, I really think the burden of proof lies with those who think it was "just an accident". Based on eye witness reports, and even the L.A. PD's own report, I don't see how this could have been an accident. Cars simply do not explode outside of movies. Burst into intense flames, yes.....explode, no. Obviously, I can't be certain that he was killed, but I think the current evidence points strongly in that direction. I really don't think the government is all that concerned about anyone knowing it, either. He was killed as an example to other real journalists, as Richard Clarke's comment makes perfectly clear. We'll see though, I guess. Just don't put much faith in hearing the truth from our mainstream news outlets, ever.
I had hoped she would respond to my email and FB message. Nothing, so far.

Everything hinges on her contact with the family, yet no one has picked up the story about cremation. I don't know how much credibility to assign under the circumstances. Have you heard the Black Hat conference in LV will demonstrate a $25 device for hacking cars? 7/27-8/1

Your ongoing, childlike faith in the proclaimed independence and integrity of Wikileaks/Assange/Snowden ought (by now) to be challenged by the fate that explosively befell Hastings, Joseph.
Regarding Dice, I think it's the same sort of thing as with Alex Jones and Adam Kokesh.

You occassionally need to throw in some info with the disinfo if you are going to be effective controlled opposition.
I don't think Dice and Jones are "controlled opposition." I think they are have been led astray by their gullibility and zeal.

And frankly, I never thought AJ was very bright. On the other hand, he's worth a lot of money these days -- so he must know SOMETHING.

I've met dozens of guys like them -- although most of 'em were a lot poorer.
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