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Monday, June 24, 2013


Of course, I use that word in that same sense I would also apply it to his mother.

(By the way, it's not as easy as you may think to do that Shepard Fairey stuff -- not if you want to do it right. That's a painting, not a filtered photo.)

Hijack the prevailing iconography!
Sigh. I know you had no ill-intent, but still... If you had only used any other synonym for 'spy' than that...
Can we please have Wes Clark back now? Pretty please?
Thanks to sites like this, and others, those of us who read knew who Obama was prior to his election(s), but still voted for him - or at least didn't vote against him.

And because we read, so we also knew he was the lesser of two evils. How sad is that?
Anon -- are there any other slang terms for "spy"?

Incidental double entendre or intentional pun? Either way, well played.

For years, or even decades, I've had the sinking suspicion that we don't get to elect our leaders, rather we get to choose between two candidates who've already been vetted by the power behind the throne.

Obama only solidifies that suspicion and makes me think our intelligence agencies are the tail wagging the dog of government.
James, for information about the vetting of candidates, see Lawrence Lessig's short talk (18 minutes) about "Lesterland".

This is a country where a small group of people, proportionally equivalent to the number of people named "Lester" in America, get to pre-select who will run. Nobody unacceptable to the Lesters will be allowed to run a serious campaign.

Lessig's new group is called "Rootstrikers". A lot of young people are involved. It's out to get the dirty money out of politics.
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