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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Shot in the back of the head

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This is a follow-up to the post below, in which we looked into the strange, mutating stories surrounding the death of Ibragim Todashev. In the video above, Rachel Maddow lays it all out. She does refer to "law enforcement sources" without specifying what kind of cops they were; I'll presume that they were locals, and that they were out of the room when the shooting occurred.

Allow me to air two further suspicions:

1. I suspect that those cops would not have been out of the room unless the feds asked them to leave the room on some pretext.

2. I suspect that journalists got the initial "he had a knife" story from those cops, and that the cops must have got that story from the FBI agents who did the shooting. It's a pretty important deal if Bureau agents lied to local cops about the shooting of a suspect.

Question: Is there a hidden aspect to the original Waltham murders?

There's one big, big take-away from this story: Whether you are innocent or guilty, don't talk to The Man without a lawyer present.
" don't talk to The Man without a lawyer present."

Not sure that would help even with CCTV in the room.

We could have pristine video of the act with a room full of witnesses, and it wouldn't do a thing. Wasn't film running at the Ambassador?. Wasn't Rosey Grier in very close proximity? Yes the technology has improved but so has the manipulation capabilities. Sorry to be so cynical, but until we have enough agents calling out the FBI as a criminal organization; a Press which has not willingly allowed their own castration; and a public which is more jacked-in, not a thing will change.

I've been following this closely too - The best reporting early on came from Matt Connolly of the Patriot Ledger (Boston. Connolly was a DA in Mass. and is a crime reporter:


"On Tues­day, May 21, 2013, two Mass­a­chu­setts State Troop­ers, John Lucky and Paul Strong, arrived in Orlando along with FBI Spe­cial Agent Rick O’Shea. They were inter­ested in inter­view­ing him about the homi­cides of three men killed in Waltham Mass­a­chu­setts, in 2011. They, by pre­arrange­ment with Mr. Toda­shev, met with him at his apart­ment in the Orlando hous­ing com­plex where Mr. Toda­shev lived with his girl­friend, Anna Muschkovick. Accom­pa­ny­ing those men were two FBI agents from the Orlando office, Nemo Puitovic and Bar­ley Straight as well as two detec­tives from the Orlando police depart­ment, Gray Red­din­ton and Gary Tiami."
In this account Todashev was shot when he asked to use the bathroom, turned and became violent.
The story is changing by the minute, which is why we know a major cover-up is going on.

Here's the worst cover story yet, in the Atlantic wire:
"John Miller of CBS News has a few extra details this morning that add to the Times account. According to his sources, one of the Massachusetts state troopers in the room became concerned that Todashev might try something, but rather that speak up and provoke him, he sent a text to the FBI agent. When the agent looked down to read the text, that's when Todashev attacked, again with an unknown object. The other officers in the room never pulled their guns."
Absolute crap.
Here's my pet theory:
Tamerlan Tsarnaev had been recruited by the FBI. Not to set him up, because they visited him in an official way.
Tamerlan was reported as attending a seminar put on by a U.S. Spook NGO:


“Tamer­lane Tsar­naeva recruited via the Geor­gian Foundation

One of the orga­niz­ers of the ter­ror­ist attack in Boston, stud­ied at the work­shop held in con­junc­tion with the Geor­gian spe­cial ser­vices Americans

Читайте далее:

At the dis­posal of “Izves­tia” has doc­u­ments Coun­ter­in­tel­li­gence Depart­ment Min­istry of Inter­nal Affairs of Geor­gia, con­firm­ing that the Geor­gian orga­ni­za­tion “Fund of Cau­ca­sus”, which coop­er­ates with the U.S. non-profit orga­ni­za­tion “Jamestown” (the board of direc­tors of NGOs pre­vi­ously entered one of the ide­ol­o­gists of U.S. for­eign pol­icy, Zbig­niew Brzezin­ski), was engaged in recruit­ing res­i­dents North Cau­ca­sus to work in the inter­ests of the United States and Georgia.

Accord­ing to the reports of Colonel Chief Direc­torate Coun­ter­in­tel­li­gence Depart­ment Min­istry of Inter­nal Affairs of Geor­gia Gre­gory Chan­turia to the Min­is­ter of Inter­nal Affairs Irakli Garib­ashvili, “Cau­casian fund” in coop­er­a­tion with the Foun­da­tion “Jamestown” in the sum­mer of 2012 con­ducted work­shops and sem­i­nars for young peo­ple of the Cau­ca­sus, includ­ing its Russ­ian part. Some of them attended Tsar­naev Tamer­lane, who was in Rus­sia from Jan­u­ary to July 2012."
My speculation is that The FBI knew Tamerlan was involved in the Waltham murders and was being protected.
Todashev mimself may not have been involved but knew Tamerlan was being recruited by one or more agency. Tamerlan double-crossed the Feds and Todashev had to be killed to prevent that from being revealed.
Just Thinkin'...
One must marvel at both the lack of 'throw down weapon' deployment (a well known police tactic to cover bad shoots), AND that the LEOs themselves blew up that line of alibi.

Oddly, both are encouraging signs to me, even if they do not offset the enormity of LEO executing unarmed persons in custody.


I was out of the country when the Boston Marathon Bombing took place. Was on a trans Atlantic cruise and the TV had a lot of coveage of the happenings. The one thing I saw and my partner was the capture or Tamarlan T. on TV. The TV showed him face down with his hands over his head while lying prone in a driveway or street. There were a large number of police officers surrounding the prone captive. There was no way he was going anywhere. Then I have since seen the video of Tamarlan being escorted naked and being put in a police cruiser. Then lo and behold, he is shot dead. The FBI and or local police ad Homeland Security
"It's a pretty important deal if Bureau agents lied to local cops about the shooting of a suspect". To quote this goofy blogger I read: "Ya think."

But this wasnt the first time the Bureau lied. The Bureau never told the local (Boston) PD's they had been keeping tabs on the family and interviewed Tamerlan at the request of FSB at least twice.

They never told the locals that he was on at least two terrorist watch lists.

But thats okay - because the company never told the Bureau what it knew about him - or Uncle Ruslan, or Graham Fuller.

And neither told anyone that he had been attending terrorist training in Russia at a fairly prominent USA NGO hell bent on disruption, turning tables over and what not.

Nope - Putin has been looking down his long bear nose, waging his finger and saying "NO, no, not in my house" and throwing the company under the bus at every turn. Thats why we know anything about the Chech connection.

The unraveling background on this is fascinating and one cannot help but make a guess it is related to the murders in Waltham. The girlfriend of one of the deceased has been devastating to the official narrative just as the girlfriend of the deceased in Orlando.

But even this is not nearly as astounding as watching LE contorting themselves into all kinds of indecent positions trying to stay ahead of the serious alternative inquiry curve (please note: not conspiracist jackasses)

Thankfully for them the MSM has been compliant to the point of being a teenage slut and little of this enormous clusterfuck has reached the public at large.

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