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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hey, Ed...let ME have a crack at it!

Of the 41 Prism images made available to the Guardian and the Washington Post, those two papers have published only four. As Mother Jones writes:
Given this, it would be helpful if the two of them wrote a little bit more about why they decided to hold back the bulk of the PRISM slides. If nothing else, it certainly suggests that they disagree with Snowden's judgment, and that's newsworthy all by itself.

On a second note, could Snowden really not find anyone who would publish the full PowerPoint deck? That's hard to believe.
Ed, if you're reading this, here's the deal: Just upload that stuff to one of those free online storage thingies, send me the URL, and I WILL publish the suckers. In toto. No questions asked.

In case you're curious, Ed -- Cannonfire's biggest scoop remains the "Bush bulge," as seen during the 2004 Bush/Kerry debates. Back then, I was getting 100,000 hits a day. This story may be even bigger.

C'mon, Ed. The sheer weirdness of publishing those documents in this humble forum must appeal to you.
Actually, there are five. The Guardian released an additional one. See

NSA revelations only 'the tip of the iceberg,' says Dem lawmaker

Read more:

Have you heard the term "data hoarding"? I'm 100% certain that when the full story is out we'll find out there's a whole lot more in that Utah data warehouse than metadata, "selfies" and Facebook updates. I'll bet you that they've got recordings of all our telephone conversations for seven years. Technologically, very feasible. They rationalize it as okay on the fourth amendment because "nobody's listening" (yet). Can you imagine the temptation to use voice recognition to scan and transcribe that database? Do you remember "pre-crime" from that Tom Cruise move?

The only goodness that comes out of it is this: Thanks to NSA I can buy a terabyte hard drive for only $59.
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