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Friday, January 25, 2013

The Untouchables

I have not yet seen this Frontline documentary, but it comes highly recommended. The Untouchables attempts to explain why the Wall Street execs who engineered the great financial wreck of 2008 have never been prosecuted. And here it is, in four chapters:

Watch The Untouchables on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

Watch The Untouchables on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

Watch The Untouchables on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

Watch The Untouchables on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

Thanks to Riverdaughter for pointing this out. Her most recent piece is quite good, quite quotable...
But the pain and the sacrifice that we have had to endure for absolutely no reason whatsoever, the houses that were lost, the careers that have been blighted either at the beginning or the middle, the harshness of the society that we now live in, all that has lead to an America that is vastly different now than it was four years ago. This America has lost its shine. It’s living with what will soon be third world infrastructure. We have given exploitation and extraction of wealth of average Americans the official stamp of approval. We will now be guests at major scientific projects around the world instead of leaders. We have trashed our educational system by making it almost impossible for some of our most talented students to be able to afford it and we have jeopardized our public health system by making research a private endeavor optimized for maximum profit. Four years ago, there was a golden opportunity to set things right and it was lost.
"Comes the time, comes the man" -- or so we were told. We were told wrong. I want to believe that Obama will become the man we need for the time to come, but I doubt it.

Update: Well, I tried to watch this documentary. Got about twenty minutes into it. The production itself is quite good, but the process of watching is simply too annoying -- the video shutters and stops every two minutes. Two minutes on; two minutes off.

Even though we're paying quite a lot of money each month for what is supposed to be a robust broadband account, we can't watch streaming video in this household -- not these days. Jon Stewart and Steve Colbert, which we used to enjoy every night, have become impossible. Hulu is also too infuriating to use.

A little research reveals that many others are having the same difficulties.

Not too long ago, we would simply pause the programs and allow them to buffer. I don't mind letting the thing buffer for quite a long time, if, at the end, I can watch the show uninterrupted. But for some reason, new video streaming programs won't allow buffering. In the case of this Frontline documentary, I left the computer for twenty minutes while the show buffered. When I came back, the video was unplayable and I had to reload the page.

This problem now exists even on YouTube.

If you know someone who writes the code for streaming video apps, please ask that person a simple question: WHY CAN'T WE BUFFER THE ENTIRE VIDEO?

And some people wonder why folks download torrents. I would be overjoyed to watch television programs via official channels, commercials and all -- IF THE VIDEOS WOULD BUFFER.

I'm not going to discuss the broadband service we use; that's nunnayer business. I have checked and I know that I am not being throttled. The problem is with NOT my broadband provider or this computer. The problem is with the way these streaming video apps are written. People who make a living via streaming video have got to find ways to make the services work as they ought.
Obama was "NEVER" that man Joe.

We knew it in 2007. Shit...We knew it years before that. We, here in Chicago, knew how utter full of shit he was from day one. We knew he was a political prostitute from day one and many of us tried to warn the sheep that this so-called "Man of the People" was nothing more than a shape shifting, graft loving, pander to the people, suck the man's thumb wolf in a sheep over coat!!

I absolutely could not bring myself to vote for Mittens McScrooge but I also could not bring myself to vote for this Wall Street whore!

Yes...I said it..."Wall Street, Hoe Bag!"

I ask myself day in and day out how we as a people could have allowed ourselves to be so utterly fucking "Hoodwinked!" Why do we allow ourselves to swallow, hook line and goddamn sinker, every frigging day the same tired bullshit and passively allowing "Uncle" and his "Sparkling Unicorn of Hope and Change" to trample us under foot with nary a whimper?

We deserve everything that has happened to us a a people and if we do not begin to push back...We deserve everything that the "Powers that be" dish out in the future!

Sorry for the rant brother but this shit gets me from 0 to 60 in a nano second. Instead of our media asking "why" and holding these bastards to account, they are busy reporting on Beyounce's lip syncing and Manti Teo's imaginary girlfriend!

We have become the "Living Dead!" Zombie friggin' sheep. In retrospect, I wonder if George Romero was actually trying to warn us that our passivity would lead to this?

Now that would be one jacked up conspiracy theory.

I wonder if Alex Jones will ever make the link...hehehe
Do you use Firefox, Joseph? My son got me off Safari for this very purpose. Also, he found me some link that offered multiple ways to view videos (I wanted to watch the British TV series "The IT Crowd" which is hilarious. I made it through the entire series, but sometimes I had to choose another poster of the show, when one didn't work. I'm not explaining this well, but I will ask him for this link that gathers all the video offerings and see if it works for you...the link plus Firefox solved the problems for me.
Yeah, all those progressive themes in the inaugural address and then yesterday Harry Reid backtracks on his vow to reform the filibuster in a meaningful way. Nuclear option, going to play hardball??? Hahaha.

Sorry, it wasn't that long ago that Reid admitted to making a mistake on the last round of reform, said he was wrong and the senators pushing for a restructure of Senate rules were right. But now he's willing to go for 'a gentleman's agreement." What gentlemen?

Wonder where this change of heart came from? Words, just words don't mean a damn thing with the ongoing obstructionism. And I'm suppose to believe that the GOP's promise is anything but bogus?? Same as Obama's words if you ask me.

This is a man I've never voted for. Now I remember why. Would the Mittster/Ryan deathstar have been worse? Oh yes. But we're being snookered by both sides. We shouldn't forget that or be lulled back to sleep.

Btw, I got through a third of the Frontline piece when it was suddenly 'unavailable.' From what I saw it was pretty biting, the way the truth often is.

I use FF and have exactly the problems you described. I've also quit viewing various shows on-line so if the idiots want us to watch their stuff then they had better give us a way to do it. (And no by God I'm not paying for f*cking free tv on iTunes or NetFlix.)
So watta we got?

A Black Richard Nixon?
Hiya Joeseph. you could look at either firefox add-ons or chrome extensions for downloading streaming videos which you can then play with VLC.
Beatitude (great nick!), I have VideoDownloader, but it won't work on Frontline or Jon Stewart. Do you know of an add-on that will do the job?

When it comes to YouTube, we now always download instead of watching online.
yeah, just took a look at the page and I don't know of anything offhand as a workaround for PBS and I'm in Canada so I can't check Jon Stewart. I would recommend using a combination of either the pirate bay or isohunt with utorrent, specifically an older version, v2.2.1 build 25110, before they put in a bunch of crap, which can be found at, (with a program called peerblock running) if it was legal to download shows like this but obviously it isn't so I could't possibly recommend that exact combination of software and websites. you have a good day now.
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