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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Second Amendment isn't in danger -- it's all the other ones

God DAMN but Bill Maher got it right this time.

I don't care how you feel about Maher: This is the Truth with a capital T.

What Obama proposes in terms of gun legislation is not terribly significant, even if he gets all he wants, which he won't. What Obama and Bush have done to our privacy is the real crime.

Gun control opponents talk about the Constitution, but that's a lie. They are exercised about the right to bear arms for one reason only: Guns give them a boner.

If they cared about the Constitution, they'd have complained earlier -- when the NSA instituted an automated system of collecting all of your private emails without a warrant and storing them in that massive new computer complex in New Mexico. The government also snoops on your cell phone calls, tracks your location via GPS, tracks the RFID chips in your credit cards and driver's licenses -- and reserves the right to kill you without trial if a secret conclave determines that you have advocated terror.

Unless you are provably on record as an opponent of all of that -- unless you can demonstrate that you opposed both Bush and Obama for encroaching on your liberties -- you have no right now to talk about how much you love the Constitution. The majority of Americans advocate background checks for gun owners because they know that the Second Amendment will survive just fine even if we keep schizophrenics disarmed. Your First and Fourth Amendment rights are the real issue.
Maher; "I own a gun..(.snip)....I love guns"

Shame on him.

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