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Thursday, January 03, 2013

I've been waiting decades for this one...

Finally, one genius cartoonist makes a brave attempt to undo our national amnesia. This is what really happened, folks. At least, this is part of it.

And the hell of it is -- he couldn't have won the GOP nomination in 2012, because today's Randroid right would have considered Ronald Reagan too far to the left. He raised taxes, compromised with the Democrats, and strongly favored the Earned Income Tax Credit.
'Remembering Reagan"

Why must you torture us, Joseph?

But Reagen did get rid of gloom and doom disease that Jimmy Carter seemed to have brought on.
Hahaha! Ronnie Raygun, we hardly knew ye. It is funny [almost] the sainthood status Reagan has been elevated to over the years. How quickly we forget! Funny strip.

Which proves how stupid some of us are, Alessi.

I remember how with the end of Vietnam all the defense contractors that tried to compete in the consumer goods sector failed miserably. They were used to the Feds bailing them out when they went way over budget.

Reagan sort of restarted the economy by stuffing his defense contractor cronies full of our tax money instead of infrastructure rebuilding projects.
Very good comic :)

It would probably be respectful to link to the artist's site though. Cheers.
But Saint Ronnie started an arms race that busted the Russkis and ruined the Evil Empire. And he sent arms to the Taliban so the Reds would get their butts kicked in Afghanistan. Oh wait, now we're following in their footsteps.
So next we're supposed to get financial oligarchs and a corrupt government that colludes with criminal gangs?
It hit me tonite at work Joe, how hard would it be to replace one of those panels with Obama calling Reagan transformational?
Have you read the Reagan diaries, Joseph? The excerpts I've looked at make it pretty clear that (until it was way too late) he genuinely, childishly trusted his ultra-evil advisors, and that he sincerely believed that his administration's often harsh policies (death squads et al) were nevertheless doing "God's work" in battling the behemoth of International Communism, wherever in the world (even in the control towers of US airports) the underclass tried to stand up to the elite. And just as ol' Ronnie began to realise the depths of how grossly he had been deceived, time and again, by malevolent counsel and simplistic ideology -- he drifted off (perhaps too conveniently) into the fog of Alzheimers.
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