Friday, December 14, 2012

The tragedy

Obviously, we're all thinking about the horrifying events in Connecticut right now. I suppose there will be more to say later, especially when the right-wingers start spinning their predictable paranoid yarns about mind control and the Great Gun Round-Up. Right now, though, let's put one oddity on the record...
CBS News reports that a potential second shooter is in custody and that SWAT is now investigating the home of the suspect. CBS News’ John Miller reports that authorities went into the suspect’s home after seeing what appeared to be a body inside.

A witness tells WFSB-TV that a second man was taken out of the woods in handcuffs wearing a black jacket and camouflage pants and telling parents on the scene, “I did not do it.”
I'm sure that there will be soon be a reasonable explanation for this incident. But let's not allow the report of a second gunman slide away without explanation.

Update: Woah! Looks like the bizarre conspiracy theories are already blazing. The links are here and here...

From the latter:
This shooting was a government engineered conspiracy so Obama has an excuse to take away our guns and turn America into a police state, like Alex Jones has been warning us about. Anyone who disagrees is a government sheep.
I'm just a Tea Party Patriot who can see through the government agenda to take away our guns via staged shootings.
Boring. The first link, however, offers us a promising headline...
How The CIA Trained Shooter In Connecticut! Shooting Tied To European Court Ruling Against The CIA!
Unfortunately, the story below that headline is just rehashed yada-yada about MKULTRA. The "European court ruling" bit is no more than a particularly loopy exercise in post hoc ergo propter hoc anti-logic. Yawn.

I do wish that our right-wing weirdos would put more thought into their efforts. If the paranoids can't show more creativity, then we might as well not even have national tragedies.
I don't like saying this, as I once considered myself a 'conspiracy theorist', but conspiracy theorists are dangerous. The vast, vast majority of them (as can be gleaned from ATS, Godlike Productions, Coast to Coast, Christian Patriots, Infowars, David Icke forums, the Chalcedon Foundation, successors to the JBS and others) are so extremely far right, so farther right than the Republican Party, that they drove off a cliff. These are folks that think President Eisenhower and Nixon were communist sympathizers for not taking a hard enough line against the CCCP and that the contemporary Republican Party has been hijacked by liberals, homosexuals, and nonchristians. Their insanity has led them to assert and maintain such things as their position that homosexuality and pedophilia are one in the same and that Barack Obama is a islamic pedophile devil worshipping vudu witchdoctor. I've been watching all six episodes of CTJV season 3 so far, all of which can be viewed on youtube, and each and every single conspiracy theory covered is so blatantly false and misportrayed and easily discredited with a small amount of research done online. It is truly scary that folks like this have guns or access to any 'weapons'. I am not pro-guns at all and I am very uncomfortable around people that carry guns, regardless of their occupation. If gun-wielding was deemed illegal, that is not the policy that would transform the USA into a police state nor is that the crux upon which freedom lives or dies. Freedom doesn't live or die based upon whether we can have guns or not. This gun obsession is beyond psychotic and it is absolutely dangerous. I thought I'd be the last person to say this, but it is my hope that the intelligence agencies do respond to all the threats posed by conspiracy theorists, who would replace the current PTB with a world that is so, so much worse. The world they envision is theocratic fascist police loving one. To quote none other than a father of lies, David Icke, who told the Christian Patriots: "I don't know which I dislike more, the world controlled by the Brotherhood, or the one you want to replace it with."
The scary part is those making the statements about Obama and the CIA are all packing heat.
I'm struck by the incredible hypocrisy. When white kids get killed it's front page news and everybody's wringing their hands. When Muslim kids get killed by careless drone strikes or homicidal soldiers, it's just business as usual.
The schools of Russia and China should have carnage daily according to Huckleberry Halftruth's logic. Hey Anon-- apples and frigging grapefruits.
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