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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

No cuts to Social Security!

If the cause is important, should I get over my antipathy for Daily Kos -- on just this one occasion? Yes. And you have no idea how much it galls me to do so.

Please, I beg you -- go here and sign the petition. Yes, it is a Kos petition. But it sends the right message, so do it anyways.
As part of the fiscal showdown negotiations, President Obama has proposed cutting Social Security for almost all current and future beneficiaries.

Social Security should not be a part of the negotiations. It does not contribute even $1 to the deficit, and according to even the most pessimistic projections it is 100% solvent for more than 20 years.

Send an email to the White House telling President Obama to immediately stop proposing any cuts to Social Security.
Better still would be for you to send a message directly to the White House and to your congressional representative. But let's not pretend that you'll do that.

Obama and Boehner are really close on this chained CPI business. Only you can put a stop to it.
Sadly, POTUS telegraphed his intentions to offer SS up to the altar of bipartisanship and 'A Grand Deal,' which is really a Bum Deal. Pelosi has already said the Dem caucus will support Obama and that whatever they cut will be mitigated by . . . something.

I have no problem signing a petition of protest but I have little hope that signatures or phone calls or really anything is going to change the nonsense that will ultimately be sold as 'what we had to do' to prevent slipping off the fiscal curb. The Beltway in general seems tone deaf to the public that's crying out for jobs, jobs, jobs, not austerity fairytales or bloated defense expenditures, treated like the only sacred cow in town.

Ugh! I'll sign the petition. The best hope is that the Republicans dismiss the whole plan out of hand.

Sign away, Joseph, but don't expect him to pay any attention. He's going to take care of his real constituency now.
This stitch up was obvious a while back.

Its already done. Short of armed insurrection its gonna happen.

Your social safety net is set to whither away. Cos thats the "bipartisan consensus". And how do we know that? Cos your representatives in Washington tell you.

Defeatism never accomplished anything. Protest does work -- not always, not nearly often enough. But sometimes.

I say take that chance and make your voice heard.
Signed it, though not optimistic about the result. Nothing ventured, though, nothing gained.
Amen, Joseph. If you never speak up, you can be sure they'll never hear you. I tilt at many windmills in My Fair and Corrupt City. I pretty much don't win, but I think I have some effect for the better from time to time. I meet people I never would have otherwise, many of whom are wonderful, and I help people feel that at least one other person understands. I also get a lot of knitting done, because some of those meetings last a long time, so there's more beauty and warmth in the world. I could do worse.
I don't suppose there's any way to change the default setting on Blogger so it isn't Google login, is there?

I say take that chance and make your voice heard.

Some of us did that last month, when it actually counted - and we were roundly chastised by formerly sensible people like you, Kat, Ralph, and BB for doing so. As the man said:

For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind: it hath no stalk; the bud shall yield no meal: if so be it yield, the strangers shall swallow it up.

I hope you guys are enjoying the breeze.

Don't worry, I'll sign your little petition. I'll go one better, I'll actually call Polis, Bennett, and Udall. But, as a former State Democratic Party official who knows all three of them, I have a pretty good idea exactly how much they'll listen.

Polis has more money than God. He bought himself a very nice Congressional seat and a very nice leadership role. He's certainly not going to risk any of that by bucking the PTB for the Great Unwashed.

The formerly liberal Mr. Udall has changed somewhat since joining the upper chamber: he's declared himself a Blue Dog and advocated the truly insane "Balanced Budget Amendment".

As for Bennett, he always was a Wall Street player. Since he just became Chairman of the DSCC, I rather doubt he'll do anything to piss off the big money donors.

You guys threw away the only leverage you had, and now you're shocked that nobody is paying attention to you.

Welcome to the real world.
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