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Friday, December 21, 2012

Guns: Three scenarios

This blog has never published a polemic in favor of any form of gun control. I've always presumed -- and still presume -- that the issue is a loser for Democrats. On the other hand, gun zealots (as opposed to gun owners) have always struck me as being more than a little creepy. And the concept of regulation is built into the Second Amendment itself. (Look it up.)

Despite my own mixed feelings on this issue, I would like to share with readers a piece written by a friend to this blog, someone who has very firm ideas. Well, he's not so much "a friend to this blog" as he is the husband of a friend of a friend to this blog. At any rate, he has produced a worthwhile piece of writing. Whatever your stance on gun regulation, you will surely agree with the sentiments expressed in the final paragraph.

The author's name is Mike; all the words below the asterisks are his.

*  *  *

Open letter to the NRA and gun enthusiasts everywhere:

Hi folks,

Many of you think the world would be more peaceful and polite if everyone carried a sidearm and practiced vigilante justice, so here's a few scenarios for you.

1.) You're walking down the street and you see someone in the distance being held up at gunpoint. Being a good citizen with your own pistol at hand, you draw it and prepare to issue a challenge to the attacker. Unfortunately, someone you hadn't noticed has just come out of a nearby doorway, has not noticed the holdup down the street, and sees you draw your gun - clearly up to no good - and pulls his out (everyone is a good citizen and well armed, remember?) and blows you away. Criminal finishes the business at hand in the ensuing commotion and gets away.

2.) All of the above happens except that no one stops you in your heroic duty. You announce your intentions to the criminal and he engages you in a firefight. Since very few humans are crack shots with a pistol, no matter how much they practice, the first few bullets fly past both of you. Maybe you get him. Maybe he gets you. But oops, one or two people who weren't able to get out of the line of fire in time get mortally wounded or killed outright. Shit happens.

3.) Same scenario as #2 but you don't want this scumbag to get away so you move in as close as possible without saying anything (there are of course no law enforcement standards or practices for citizens doing their civic duty) and blow a large hole in the back of the guy's head. He's down and you feel great. The citizen you just assisted picks up the firearm he was forced to discard, shoots you through the chest and says, "Thanks, I was going to hold that guy up and take his wallet, but he drew on me first!" Oops, I guess not being clairvoyant will be a drawback in such a "society."

Yours is a gallant and sober society, right? Hell no! People drink, take drugs and argue and drive however they want, because they're FREE, dammit! And since they love their guns, they have them in every situation: when they're in a hurry and have to cut through a bunch of others to get where they're going on time (POW, POW); when they're drunk and get in someone's face (POW, POW); when they get dumped by their girlfriend, or fired, or cheated on (POW, POW, POW, POW, POW).

You can argue home and public protection all you want. My response is, "NO, FUCK YOU AND YOUR SUPPOSED RIGHTS. I DON'T TRUST YOU OR ANYONE ELSE WITH A GUN."

If you are worried about criminals, then do your part to prevent them from coming into being. Don't raise them. Don't ignore your kids or only teach them fear and paranoia. Volunteer for or donate to a youth group. Don't bully, denigrate, or piss people off because it makes you feel superior. Don't engage in the kind of behavior that causes other people to feel wronged.
Im alive!!

Well said Mike! And thanks Joseph for posting that.

Too many people don't think things through - far enough through. That emotional trigger word "rights" blinds them to what could lie beyond i.e. a multitude of "wrongs".
The gun fetish crowd assumes that the insane or drug addicted are rational and won't try anything if everybody else is armed.

I find it amazing how guns magically appear in the hands of felons and nutbags. The gun fairy must flitter thru the night depositing 9mm under their pillows. Thanks to the gun lobby the government can tack the whereabouts of a car you sold last year than the gun some cretin gave to a fellow fetishist last month. With today's technology serial numbers can be laser etched on every major part of a gun. Let the gun loons by them by the pallet load if they want but if any one of them or parts of them end up used to commit a crime send them to jail alomg with the perp.
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The NRA is just now calling for armed police in every school in the country. The insanity is complete and on full display. There is a name for such a society -- a prison camp.

Sad day, America.
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I let two comments go through that violated the "no CD nuts" rule. Hey, it's Christmas. But then I realized that if I published THOSE comments I would have to publish others and soon this blog would be about nothing else. CS cranks are like mold -- you have to step 'em early or they'll take over.

If you like, feel free to chalk up my censoring ways to the bags full of money I get from the CIA.
Sorry. I meant CD cranks.
I said nothing at all about "controlled demolition," Joseph, and I am most definitely not a right winger. Instead, I stated historically verifiable facts that the feds never offered any standard, probative data (parts numbers or autopsy photos) regarding the 9/11 planes' identity or the identity of the victim of the Navy Seals' May Day death squad. Instead, I made the point that just like the gun-worshipers' claims regarding the social betterment that would supposedly come with more citizens packing heat, these are assertions we are asked to take on FAITH. So how does this make me a "CD nut"? If you're uncomfortable answering this simple, non-hostile question publicly because of the bothersome reaction you fear it might trigger, then send me an explanation privately.
I didn't say anything about CD. I understand you had a hard time from some serious abusers in the past. Keep well, thanks for your good work and sincere cheers at Xmas. Best wishes.
Guys, perhaps I over-reacted. I also went too far in my private communications with Jim DiEugenio yesterday. (The same subject came up.)

But you know how it is. Some topics evince a "Niagara Falls" reaction: "Slowly I turned...step by step...inch by inch..."
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