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Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Nearly half of all Republicans think that ACORN stole the election for Obama. ACORN no longer exists. (And it was never in the election theft business to begin with.)

Meanwhile, one quarter of the American populace has an opinion on the Panetta-Burns deficit reduction plan. Of those who have voiced an opinion, most oppose it. This recalcitrant attitude is very odd, since the Panetta-Burns plan does not exist.

On Jon Stewart just now, I saw a clip of Bill O'Reilly saying "Christianity is not a religion" -- a sentiment that defies a categorization published in about a trillion books and websites.

And Rush Limbaugh says that Planned Parenthood is a conspiracy against black people.

In short and in sum: Many of your fellow Americans are still living in fantasyland. You want something real? Watch this:

I hope Obama follows this advice. But maybe I'm living in fantasyland.
It's all about credit card and consumer debt, yet Reich mentions neither.
You are confusing fantasy with idiocy.

I'm a member of your Hope Club, Joe. But when I read that Obama is ready to do some 'horse-trading' with the Republicans I begin to get queasy.

These are the same fantasy-based Republicans who saw conspiracy in the UN disability vote yesterday, who had the gall to walk by Bob Dole, wheeled into the chamber for the occasion, and then vote 'NO!' because in their warped minds it was all a plot to undermine the American family, create a situation where disabled children would be turned over to the UN zombie hordes.

Horse-trading with maniacs? Makes me feel very unsettled.

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