Thursday, November 29, 2012

The country-we-dare-not-name is at it again

Israel tries to gin up a war by foisting another hoax on the world. Fails. Yet our media refuses to name the obvious name.
"...from a country critical of Iran's nuclear program." At least that's an improvement from the phrase repeatedly hammered on daily by the media until recently, "Iran's nuclear weapons program." Since all the relevant US intelligence agencies, including the CIA, have stated flatly that Iran's nuclear weapons program is just like that of Saddam Hussein's, i.e. non- existent, I guess they had to downgrade the terminology of the lie. And what is this anonymous little country that dare not speak its name? Albania?
Possibly off topic, why hasn't anyone demanded the end of Israel's definitely non-mythical nuclear weapons program? Why hasn't anyone demanded an investigation to find out what happened to the tons of nuclear materials that disappeared from US facilities, starting back in the
70's? Is the anonymous country one that hasn't signed the nuclear non-prolification treaty? If so, I'm betting that it isn't North Korea.
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