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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How you can fix the system (without spending a dime)

The following showed up in my email today. Although I know who the author is, I won't offer any identification, for obvious reasons. The point of this message is that you have the ability to affect the outcome of the great Wal-Mart strike. With one simple (and cost-free) gesture, you can help these oppressed workers.

As you know, I support the notion of a one-day boycott. Thanksgiving should be about family, not about commercialism. But if you really want to be effective, the form of protest recommended here will do the job.


*  *  *

I am a 12-year employee at one of those "big box" stores. Working "Black Friday" has not been a problem - until now.

This year, Black Friday has become BLACK THURSDAY. We are required (not asked) to work 12-14 hour shifts, beginning at 4 or 6 pm on THANKSGIVING DAY. 

Management tells us that this is what the customer wants. BULL!

I'm here to tell you that an employee walk-out, by itself, will not send the most effective message. The company executives may consider striking employees to be spoiled children holding their breath to get their way. 

We have already been told that "there will be consequences" for a strike or for calling out. That probably means getting fired. Sorry, but I need my job.

The message needs to come FROM THE PUBLIC that the big box retailers have chosen an irrational and offensive way to do business.

Tell the people who run those stores that you will not shop on Thursday. Tell them that disrespecting a sacred national holiday bothers you.

I'm asking that everyone reading this message to call the home offices of these big box stores. 1-800-WALMART is the number for Wal-Mart; 800-440-0680 is the number for Target. 

Tell them that, out of respect for both the employees and our national traditions, you will not shop on Thanksgiving. Tell them that you have been a loyal customer previously, but now you are considering taking your business elsewhere -- permanently.

Flood the phone lines!  Call!  

With enough calls, hopefully the higher-ups will see that commercializing Thanksgiving will not generate the sales they are looking for.

I just want to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my family. I shouldn't have to work a 14 hour shift.

Yeah, I know. And Native Americans wish they hadn't been genocided or assimilated on this so so sacred national holiday that's so so important to that sacred institution, The Family.

But there is no possible way in which Wal-Mart does not suck.

I never shop there. Are you kidding me?
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