Friday, November 30, 2012

A thought just occurred to me...

During the Anthony Weiner scandal, many righties scoffed when I suggested that it would have been easy for hackers to discover the guy's password. The Petraeus scandal offers insight as to how that trick might have been accomplished.

We know that David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell communicated through a shared Gmail account. They both knew and used the password for that account; the messages were saved in the "Drafts" folder. Apparently, this is a fairly common practice among the hipster philanderer set.

We also know that at least one of the women with whom Weiner had a cyber relationship was an operative working for Breitbart. We know this because several stories appeared at the very end of the scandal indicating that the ruder photos -- including the Famous Crotch Shot and the raunchiest-of-all shot -- were in Breitbart's possession for some weeks before the FCS showed up in Weiner's Twitter stream.

(That fact is, to a large degree, the main reason why I still think that the whole thing was an operation and that Weiner's Twitter account really was hacked.)

You can probably guess where I'm headed with this. If Weiner and his online paramour (the one secretly working for Breitbart) shared an email account, then she would know his password. Too often, people use the same password (perhaps with subtle variations) across various services.

Hm. I wonder if the Breitbart brigade will notice this post? Back in the day, the outraged commentary they sent in to this humble blog amused me no end. It's always so cute to see a bunch of Republicans accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist. When was the last time Fox News broadcast 60 consecutive minutes without dishing out a conspiracy theory?

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